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Is Eli a wimp? Apparently his peers think so

Eli Manning is apparently the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL quarterbacks. He can't get any respect.

In a Sports Illustrated Players' Poll asking 'Which NFL Quarterback is the Easiest to Intimidate' Eli finished second to Rex Grossman.

That's definitely not getting any respect.

Here are the results:

Rex Grossman, Bears ...... 23%
Eli Manning, Giants................ 20%
Joey Harrington, Falcons......... 11%
David Carr, Panthers................. 6%
Chris Simms, Bucs .................... 4%

The only caveat is that this poll was apparently conducted prior to the start of the season, so anything that has gone on this year was not taken into consideration.

I would think even Eli's staunchest critics would have to admit he has played well this season, and shown toughness in playing through his shoulder injury.

Still, it's not good when you basically get disrespected by your peers and lumped in with never-will-be's like the ones on that list.

Here's what Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News had to say about the results in his 'Blue Screen' blog.

Worse -- or at least I think it's worse -- according to SI, Manning got 30.8% of the votes from his fellow quarterbacks, making him the top vote-getter among his positional peers.

Remember, that's not the media or fans, those are his peers which has to make this criticism really sting. A former No. 1 overall draft pick shouldn't be lumped in with Grossman or Harrington (or David Carr, 6%, or Chris Simms, 4%) in any category. It's worse when they're basically calling you a wimp.

Maybe it's because the Giants offensive line has been tremendous and Eli has hardly been hit all season (he's been sacked just 7 times), but I haven't seen him backing away from pass-rushers or playing with fear.

I suspect that no matter what he does Eli will always be judged against his brother Peyton, which is an impossible standard. All I know is the 'wimp' is playing well and has helped the 5-2 Giants move into position to be a serious contender in the NFC.

Your thoughts?