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Ex-Giant kicker Feely a Coughlin fan

This very easy on the eyes Miami Dolphins cheerleader is Missy Barrickman.
Former New York Giants kicker Jay Feely, now a member of the Miami Dolphins, has joined the Tom Coughlin Fan Club.

From Mike Garafolo's 'Ledger on Giants' blog:

"Without question, that credit (for the Giants' five-game winning streak) has to go to Coach Coughlin," Feely said. "I've talked to a lot of the guys I'm still friends with on the team and to a man, they've talked about the changes he's made. And whether it was because he felt like he didn't have anything to lose and wanted to try something different, that's not easy for somebody to do - to change your ways. I think that has really brought that team together."

Feely didn't stop gushing about his former coach there.

"If you remember at the end of last year, when we talked, you guys asked me what I thought our problem was on our team and why we struggled the last half of the season and in the playoffs and I said I thought as a locker room and as leaders on our team, we talked too much and criticized Coach Coughlin too much and that a head coach needs unquestioned support at least publicly because, otherwise, you undermine his ability to lead," he said. "If you have a veteran question the head coach publicly, then those young guys are going to do that and they're not going to listen to him the way they need to. I said we needed that and then that Coach Coughlin could probably create a more friendly environment where players wanted to play for him more and I think that's exactly what happened.

"You've had Coach Coughlin, he took them out bowling and did little things like that to try and relate to them on a relational level rather than just on a football level. He knows so much about football. There have been many coaches that have coached with him that are now at other places that have told me that he knows way more than their current coach does about football. That says a lot about his knowledge of football. But I think now that he's trying to relate on a relational level with players now, then he gets a different level of commitment from those guys."

I'd bet there are a whole lot of people who never thought they would hear any player praise Coughlin that effusively.

By the way, Feely is having a terrific season. He is 12-for-12 on field goals and hasn't missed an extra point.