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Giants don't miss Petitgout

In case you missed the news, former New York Giant Luke Petitgout will miss the rest of the season for Tampa Bay after tearing ligaments in his right knee.

Not to pick on the guy when he is hurt, but Giants General Manager Jerry Reese looks pretty smart right now for not re-signing the long-time left tackle during the off-season.

That's no knock on Petitgout. In case you haven't noticed, however, David Diehl has been playing very well at left tackle. He had a terrific game Sunday against Philadelphia's Trent Cole, a quality defensive end.

It looks like practicing against Osi Umenyiora every day is helping Diehl adapt just fine to his new spot.

On top of that, Rich Seubert has played well in Diehl's old left guard spot.

So, as long as everybody stays healthy there is no need to worry about the offensive line. And no reason to wish Reese had kept Petitgout, or drafted a replacement in the first couple of rounds.

Your thoughts?