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'Greek' says

Success in making picks, like success in the NFL is fleeting. After making a triumphant return to respectability I am back in the land of average. This week I offer my first conditional pick of the year. I will not back a Kerry Collins led team, as I'm sure many of you here will attest to. So Tennessee gets the nod, only if Vince Young starts. Other than that, there are no qualifiers this week as I strive to make picks better than those of a monkey throwing its own feces at a dart board. Enjoy.

Arizona (+9) at Washington
Atlanta at New Orleans (-8)
Baltimore at Buffalo (+3)
Minnesota at Dallas (-9.5)
New England at Miami (+16.5)
San Francisco (+9) at NY Giants
Tampa Bay (+2) at Detroit
Tennessee at Houston (+1) (only if Vince Young is out)
Kansas City at Oakland (+3)
NY Jets (+6) at Cincinnati
Chicago (+4) at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Seattle (-8)
Pittsburgh at Denver (+3.5)
Indianapolis at Jacksonville (+3)

Last week: 5-6-2
Season: 33-47-10