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5 questions with The Falcoholic

As usual, I traded questions with the SBN blogger for this week's opposition, the Atlanta Falcons. Thanks to Dave the Falconer over at The Falcoholic. Here is this week's Q&A.

Big Blue View: Who will we see at quarterback Sunday, Joey Harrington or Byron Leftwich?

Falcoholic: Joey Harrington. He's had some good games this season, whereas Leftwich has been sacked in favor of David Garrard and totally stunk when he was called up on against the Titans. There's no guarantee Harrington will finish the game if he's doing awful, but I expect him to start and not totally embarass himself.

BBV: You called the Falcons an 'exploding ship' in the headline of your Tuesday post. Can you summarize the main problems?

Falcoholic: There's a lot, but it begins and ends with the frustration of losing. Players are already starting to call out new coach Bobby Petrino's playcalling and several veterans are unhappy. From there, it's a Jekyll and Hyde offensive line, a poor running game and a passing game that will randomly disappear for an entire game at a time. The Falcons have been a pleasant surprise on defense this year, but there's no offensive consistency to build on so far.

BBV: OK, here's the obligatory Michael Vick/Matt Schaub question. Why in the world did the Falcons trade Schaub, and would they like a do-over on that move?

Falcoholic: Well, I'm sure they'd like a do-over now. The problem is that Vick's legal firestorm didn't hit until after Schaub was gone, and the Falcons were counting on Vick and taking a hard look at young gunner D.J. Shockley as a backup. When Vick got himself blacklisted from the NFL and Shockley went down for the season, the Falcons were suddenly stuck with Harrington. To be fair, he's played better this year than I could have reasonably expected him to. Because hindsight's 20/20 and the Falcons couldn't have known what they know now, I'd say everything's okay. At the very least the Falcons have a real shot at Brian Brohm.

BBV: What Falcons players should Giants fans be on the lookout for Sunday?

Falcoholic: Michael Boley makes offenses look like Tokyo after a particularly nasty Godzilla rampage. The dude is the complete package at outside linebacker and is almost a knock to post 8+ tackles and author a big play or two. He is the number one player for the Giants to watch out for, and he's a lot of fun to watch no matter who you are. Also keep an eye on Roddy White, who is emerging as a real wide receiver this season and has become the key to the passing game. If Harrington is capable of throwing the ball further than a couple yards downfield Monday, White seems likely to score at least once. Other than that, watch the sidelines and see how many Falcons scream at Petrino as they go by. Good times!

BBV: If you could take one player off the Giants roster and plug him into the Falcons lineup who would it be? Why?

Falcoholic: Without a doubt I would take Brandon Jacobs. The Falcons are a team that desperately needs a big, bruising running back to wear down the defense between the tackles. I've always thought Jacobs could be one of the elite big backs in the league, and so it's fair to say I'd take him in about two seconds.

As a bonus, I would also take Osi Umenabanananut. He's clearly a premier player and the Falcons have generated zero edge rush this year.

Thanks again, Dave. My answers to his questions are posted at The Falcoholic, so go check 'em out.