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'Greek' says

To paraphrase Chris Berman, nobody circles the wagons like The Greek. After a miraculous week that nearly saw my Bills pull off the upset of the year, it's time to make my picks for Week 6. Granted, the old adage is to quit while you're ahead, but I have contractual obligations that I must fulfill for the next 12 weeks + the playoffs. Since last week's system of just making picks without commenting on each game worked so well, we'll give it another try this week.

Cincinnati at Kansas City (+3)
Houston at Jacksonville (-6.5)
Miami (+4.5) at Cleveland
Minnesota at Chicago (-5)
Philadelphia at NY Jets (+3.5)
St. Louis (+9.5) at Baltimore
Tennessee at Tampa Bay (-3)
Washington at Green Bay (-3)
Carolina (+4.5) at Arizona
New England at Dallas (+5.5)
Oakland at San Diego (-9.5)
New Orleans (+6.5) at Seattle
NY Giants at Atlanta (+3)

Last Week: 9-4-1
Season: 28-41-8