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Wednesday Walk Around the League

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It's time for our weekly 'Wednesday Walk Around the League.' So, let's see what is going on in other places.

ALL ABOUT THE QUARTERBACKS: Somehow, in the NFL it always comes back to the quarterbacks. And this week is no exception, with quarterback news everywhere.

-- In Miami, Trent Green's career may be over after the serious concussion he suffered Sunday against Houston.

-- In Arizona, Kurt Warner has been resurrected again after Matt Leinart went on IR with a broken collarbone.

-- In Tampa Bay, Chris Simms' season is over before it ever got started. The Buccaneers have placed him on IR.

-- Chad Pennington may soon lose his grip on the New York Jets QB job after Sunday's awful showing against the Giants.

-- Carolina's Jake Delhomme will have Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow. The Panthers have signed the ageless Vinny Testaverde to be their backup QB.

PacMan Jones thinks he deserves an early return to the NFL. Umm, PacMan, no you don't. You deserve to be in a uniform, yes, but not a football one.

Norv Turner and LaDainian Tomlinson have kissed and made up in San Diego.