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Eagles fans need to quit whining, already

I've been interested today to watch the reaction by Eagles fans at Bleeding Green Nation to Sunday's whupping at the hands of the Giants.

Lots of crying and whining, including this beauty regarding the Kawika Mitchell fumble recovery/touchdown. I should have expected as much.

Hey, Eagles fans! Here's a newsflash. Even if you have a point about the Mitchell play your team got thoroughly, thoroughly outplayed. If Jeremy Shockey doesn't fall down on the interception and the Giants could kick a field goal the score might have been 30-3.

Quit whining and go ask your coach why it looked like he gave up. I've always had great respect for Andy Reid, but where was his head Sunday night? No adjustments, especially not getting some help for the beleaguered Winston Justice as Osi Umenyiora embarrassed him.

The Eagles have no one to blame except themselves, and their coach.