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A More Perfect Union: The True Fans Constitution

I am proposing the following draft of a Constitution of Fandom. This is but a rough draft. Give it a gander and tell me what you think.

Mike Munchak Chooses Steelers Over Texans


Mike Munchak, former Oilers/Titans Hall of Fame player and coach, has signed on to be the offensive line coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers instead of the Houston Texans.

Pittsburgh Steelers win despite wearing ugliest uniforms in the history of mankind


OK, maybe the headline is a tad hyperbolic since I have not seen every uniform worn by every sports team in history (I hear the ancient Assyrians had no fashion sense). But the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Pittsburgh Steelers unveil ugliest-looking uniforms in NFL history


The Pittsburgh Steelers are celebrating their 80th season and will wear jerseys at two home games from their 1934 season. They have not been worn since for one good reason -- they are ugly. From...

James Harrison calls Roger Goodell a gay slur


Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison, who should be up for an ESPY tonight for "jerk of the year," has already submitted his application for a repeat performance in 2011 by calling NFL commissioner...

Steelers fans call Roger Goodell and NFL 'gay'


How upset are some Pittsburgh Steelers fans about the new NFL rule regarding illegal hits? At least some of them are calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the entire NFL 'gay' because of the...

NFL will suspend players for injuring others


The NFL has announced it will begin suspending players who perform illegal hits on other players, particularly those involving defenseless players and helmet-to-helmet contact. It couldn't have...

NFL opener: Steelers pull another one out


The first game of the NFL season looked a lot like the end of the last season -- the Pittsburgh Steelers did enough to survive while the Tennessee Titans played well enough to win but blew several...

RIP Polamalu/Fitzgerald


The fans of 30 teams in the NFL have just breathed a sigh of relief. EA Sports has revealed the cover athletes for Madden 10, and as you can see, we're going to get two horrific injuries/derailed...

Steeler Ladies (Put a Ring on it)


Instant classic . . . Hat tip to Sam L.

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