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LB coach Jim Herrmann, 08.13.09

Q. Do you see Clint (Sintim) working in this year? Is there a lot pressure on him to contribute immediately? A. I think with that whole group that we have here, they can all contribute. Number one,...

The Giants' Draft: A Historical Perspective, Part I

A historical look at the New York Giants draft.

New York Giants' notes, 04.28.09

New York Giants' notes, 04.28.09

AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter Mock Drafts LB Clint Sintim


It's good to see that I'm suddenly not the crazy ranting guy all alone in having the Falcons taking Clint Sintim. Also of note in this article, the Falcons have LB/DE Larry English and S Louis Delmas coming in for visits. Both are quality players.

Cowboys Draft 2009: The 'Boys Need Some Backers


The Dallas Cowboys may be looking for a linebacker in this year's draft.

In The NFL Draft, When Is A Reach Not A Reach?


Is it fair to call a draft pick a reach when so many different opinions are flying about? The Falcoholic offers its own take on the dreaded reach label.

The Falcoholic Selects Clint Sintim In Another Mock Draft


This time it's the No Logo Needed mock draft, where I once again went LB Clint Sintim at spot 24. Browse the site, see who was taken off the board beforehand and lemme know what you think. I still firmly believe that if the top tier guys are off the board at this point, Sintim would make an awesome pick. He'd go a long ways toward solving our issues with the pass rush.

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks Picks LB Brian Cushing For Falcons


Falcoholic favorite Clint Sintim goes one pick below, but Brian Cushing is a solid pick at any point. Banks picked Brandon Pettigrew at one point in the past, but his stock is plunging and he isn't likely to get much mock draft love beyond this point.

The 2009 Falcoholic Mock Draft Spectacular


The Falcoholic kicks off a new annual tradition. Readers here will select and vote on who the Atlanta Falcons will pick in every round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Dave The Falconer Picks LB Clint Sintim In Mock Draft


Follow the link to the Football Burrito mock draft, which several of our SBN bloggers are participating in. I selected Clint Sintim based on need, but feel free to disagree in the comments.

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