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2013 Chicago Bears Schedule Breakdown: Weeks 14-17


WCG writers have been previewing the Bears 2013 schedule and making predictions. Chicago enters the final quarter of the season 8-4, but will they be able to finish strong and beat the Pack?

2013 Cowboys headed for 9-7 finish and wild card spot


1 SEP 8 7:30PMCST ' GIANTS L 31 - 27 2 SEP 15 12:00PMCST ) AT CHIEFS W 20 - 16 3 SEP 22 12:00PMCST ) RAMS W 23 - 16 4 SEP 29 3:25PMCST ) AT CHARGERS W 30 - 24 5 OCT 6 3:25PMCST * BRONCOS L 30 - 27 6 OCT 13 7:30PMCST ' REDSKINS W 27 - 17 7 OCT 20 12:00PMCST ) AT EAGLES L 31 - 24 8 OCT 27 12:00PMCST ) AT LIONS W 38 - 34 9 NOV 3 12:00PMCST ) VIKINGS L 20 - 13 10 NOV 10 7:30PMCST ' AT SAINTS L 31 – 30 11 BYE 12 NOV 24 3:25PMCST ) AT GIANTS W 27 - 20 13 NOV 28 3:30PMCST * RAIDERS W 30 - 20 14 DEC 9 7:40PMCST + AT BEARS W 26 - 23 15 DEC 15 3:25PMCST ) PACKERS L 34 - 31 16 DEC 22 12:00PMCST ) AT REDSKINS L 33 - 31 17 DEC 29 12:00PMCST ) EAGLES W 34 - 24 Week 1 Giants still own Dallas at Cowboys Stadium, inexplicably Weeks 2 – 4 the only ‘soft’ part of the Boys schedule and I think the Rams give them the toughest time before losing due to Dez abusing their undersized corners. Still at least the NFL gives us a break here by giving us September to get our Defensive wrinkles ironed out in the new 4-3 and hopefully establish some consistency on the offensive line that we didn't have a chance of from training camp last year. Week 5 Broncos should be a high scoring game with their issues in secondary. I don't think the Broncos will intimidate us Week 6 First Skins game no RG3, Kirk Cousins instead – Dallas finally forces some turnovers, sacks Cousins who's not a statue by any means but can't run the zone read like RG3 Week 7 Eagles up tempo offense stuns Dallas, and Romo’s comeback falls short at Philly. Vick gets a win but gets hurt as Eagles o-line weaknesses exposed Week 8 Cowboys can overcome themselves and an awful Lions D in a shootout. Dez gets better stats than Megatron Week 9 Vikings pass rush will make Romo miserable, Christian Ponder gets just enough for the win despite new weapons Week 10 Cowboys lose shootout with Rob Ryan’s Saints on a missed field goal. I see a high amount of emotion for this game Week 11 BYE to rest up badly dinged up team Week 12 Boys beat Giants in Meadowlands coming off their bye week, I can't see JG allowing three losses in a row Week 13 Boys should beat the Raiders on Thanksgiving in their last 'easy' game of the season Week 14 Bears seem to have Dallas’ number dating back to 2010, but Dallas finally beats Chicago thanks to knowledge of Tampa 2/Marinelli, and forcing some Cutler turnovers. Maybe Brandon Marshall comes in dinged up and Bears other weapons fail to make plays. Week 15 Cowboys blow lead against Packers, lose to ignite bad December collapse memories Week 16 RG3 returns to torment Cowboys in December, but Boys finish Dec 2-2 Week 17 Dallas pounds Philly in Arlington, Eagles drop to 8-8, Cowboys take a wild card spot behind NYG who win NFC East with a 10-6 record. Egals finish 8-8, Redskins go 8-8 after RG3 gets hurt again

Giants open 2013 season vs. Cowboys


New York begins its 2013 campaign against the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday Night Football.

Houston Texans 2013 Schedule Announced


We knew who they'd play back in January, but now you know when your Houston Texans will take the field in 2013.

Giants Schedule Preview: A quick look ahead

Get ready for some scintillating television! The NFL will release its 2013 schedule live this evening on NFL Network.

Are you ready for some football? MNF history

What happened for the Broncos on Monday Night Football from 1990-2012. Come with me and you'll see!

Broncos MNF History: 70's and 80's

Are you ready for some history? Take a trip through memory lane and remember the Broncos efforts on Monday Night Football through the 1970's and 1980's

Falcons 2013 schedule released!


The schedule is out, and the Falcons have a tough, but not impossible slate.

When Will 2013 NFL Schedule be Released?


The NFL had planned to release the 2013 NFL season schedule today, but now fans could be having to experience another holdout.

Who Will The Texans Play In 2013?


After the playoffs, I mean. The regular season opponents for next year are now a matter of public record.

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