New York Giants Transcripts

Tom Quinn, 12.06.12

Q: With David Wilson seeing an increased role on the offense, do you worry that his focus for kickoff return has slipped at all?A: No, not at all. We've had guys that have had multiple jobs;...

Kevin Gilbride, 12.06.12

Q: Did you give Ahmad Bradshaw most of the carries on Monday because he was the "hot hand?"A: He was doing great. We were running the ball. Again, it was about as good a performance as you're...

Tom Coughlin, 12.06.12

TC: Good afternoon. The guy you'll add today will be (Hakeem) Nicks, who had a sore knee, so we held him.Q: Same knee that's been bugging him?A: Same one that's been bugging him.Q: Was he able...

Tom Coughlin, 12.05.12

TC: Good afternoon, we look forward to getting started this week, again. Preparing for the New Orleans Saints, they're a talented football team that's overcome some adversity this year. They...

David Diehl, 12.05.12

Q: Are these must-win games the specialty for this New York Giants football team?A: Obviously we've been in this situation before, so people are always going to say that. Did we want to put...

Chris Snee, 12.05.12

RE: Consistency in the running game:A: Yeah. I think we've been fairly consistent overall over the course of the year. There have obviously been some games where we haven't been able to run the...

Jason Pierre-Paul, 12.05.12

Q: Thoughts on your team's play in Week 13:A: I think we look soft. I think we'll get there, man. We haven't played our best game this year. I know, for a fact, we haven't played that game.Q: ...

Perry Fewell, 11.30.12

Q: Did you think the four-safety look worked last week?A: Yeah. I thought they were very effective. I thought we had a chance to utilize our personnel and use their talents.Q: Can that become the...

Osi Umenyiora, 11.30.12

Q: Does Monday Night Football ever get old for you?A: Yeah, actually. I'd much rather be playing on Sunday at one o'clock.Q: Isn't there something special about playing in front of everyone?A: No...

Kevin Gilbride, 11.30.12

Q: Obviously David Wilson will see an increased role now, what's it like with him coming in against a Redskins defense that is not only strong against the run, but shows a lot of exotic blitz...

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