New York Giants Transcripts

Jerry Reese discusses disappointing 2013 season

Read the full transcript from Jerry Reese's season-ending press conference.

Tom Coughlin Press Conference Transcript, 12/30/13

Tom Coughlin says 'I do want to coach.'

John Mara Press Conference, 12/30/13

Full text of John Mara's season-ending press conference.

Tom Coughlin press conference transcript

Full text of Coughlin's Monday remarks.

Coughlin talks Nicks, Hynoski, Cruz and more

Tom Coughlin expected to see Hakeem Nicks at Wednesday's OTA, is praying Henry Hynoski is OK and hopes Victor Cruz returns soon.

Justin Tuck, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: Can you speak about the disappointment of not getting into the playoffs? A: Yeah, we came out today knowing what we needed to do to give ourselves a chance and we did that but we needed a lot...

Reuben Randle, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: How important was it to have a game like this for next year? A: It’s key. You want to go into next season confident and giving confidence also to the coaching staff and the players around...

Ahmad Bradshaw, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: How do you feel about the team’s effort today and what you accomplished? A: We’re very happy with it. We just wanted to come out and have a lot of fun today, and that’s what we did. We...

Eli Manning, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: Justin [Tuck] admitted to watching the scoreboard. Were you watching the scoreboard too? A: Maybe at the very end. I was watching and obviously saw that Detroit got within two with six...

Victor Cruz, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: Does it sting that you're not going into the postseason? A: It definitely stings after coming off a season like we did last year, winning the Super Bowl, you want to get it and go back to the...


Osi Umenyiora, post-game, 12.30.12

Q: What are you feeling right now? A: I’m happy man. We got a win. We haven’t played well and we finally came together and we played the way we’re supposed to as a team. It was an ...

Tom Coughlin, post-game, 12.30.12

TC: We played well today. We talked about execution. The Sandy Hook elementary school children and parents were here today and we certainly wanted to honor and respect them. We wanted to try and...

Tom Coughlin transcript, 12.26.12

Tom Coughlin addressed a wide range of concerns in his Wednesday press briefing.

Tom Coughlin, 12.24.12

TC: If you're waiting for me to say something, I don't have a whole lot to say here. Except for the fact that as I looked at the tape this morning, I will say this: we tried, there was effort,...

Chris Snee, 12.21.12

Chris Snee Friday press conference transcript

Prince Amukamara, 12.21.12

A: ...but today I think I did more running than I did all week. I had a lot of burst today, so it didn't even feel as bad. Q: Do you expect to be a full-go two weeks after straining your...

Tom Coughlin press conference, 12.21.12

Q: Did Ahmad Bradshaw practice? A: Bradshaw practiced, yeah. Q: Are you encouraged for this weekend? A: I am. Q: How did he look out there? A: He looked okay. Q: If he’s able to...

Kevin Gilbride press conference, 12/20/12

Q: The Ravens have a lot of injuries on defense, but they are generally a well-coached group. What do you see from them up-front and in the secondary and what are some of the difficulties they...

Perry Fewell press conference, 12/20/12

Q: Eighteen missed tackles? A: We had a number of missed tackles in the football game. Yeah. We didn't tackle well. You've just got to emphasize it. We worked on it today. That was one of our...

Tom Coughlin press conference, 12.19.12

TC: This week, we prepare for the Baltimore Ravens, a team that played for the AFC Championship last year. A very talented football team that is 9-5, a team that has long been known for their...

Jacquian Williams, 12.07.12

Q: Do you think you're ready to go for Sunday?A: I practiced more than I ever did since the injury, so that's a good thing. I'm waiting to hear back from the coach and the medical staff, but I'm...

Tom Coughlin, 12.07.12

Q: How did Nicks look?A: He was limited.Q: Was the fact that he was able to get out there encouraging for him to be able to play Sunday?A: I hope so.Q: What does a guy like Jacquian Williams bring...

Perry Fewell, 12.06.12

Q: How did you feel like your defense did against Washington?A: Obviously, when you don't win the game, you don't feel that you fared very well. I think we could have performed better. We had...

David Wilson, 12.06.12

Q: Tell me about the atmosphere as you get ready for New Orleans this weekend.A: We're just taking it one game at a time, treating it like a four-game season. Just getting prepared each week and...

Victor Cruz, 12.06.12

Q: When a coach says win four in a row, what's that like for you?A: It's not the easiest thing in the world you want to hear. But we've been in this position before where we've had to win games to...

Osi Umenyiora, 12.06.12

Re: facing Drew BreesA: I would never say there's anything easy about playing against him. He's one of the best quarterbacks in this league and we definitely have our work cut out for us, for...

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