Tom Coughlin post-game reaction to Giants' 41-27 victory

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin reacts to the Giants' 41-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Less than five minutes into Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns the New York Giants trailed 14-0 and head coach Tom Coughlin had that familiar 'what the heck is going on out there' look on his face. As the saying goes, though, all's well that ends well,' and the game ended well for the Giants, a 41-27 victory that moved them to 3-2.

"It didn't start out the way we wanted to, but along the way it got a lot better," Coughlin said during his post-game remarks. "We don't plan on it [starting slow]. We talk about starting well, starting fast and that's what the idea was. But we did talk about finishing, too, and we did finish."

Here are Coughlin's thoughts on some of the other developments during the game. [Full Coughlin transcript]

The running game, fueled by Ahmad Bradshaw's career-best 200-yard game:

"What was really impressive was the running game and thank goodness we got that going. That was a big part of us today. Bradshaw had a big day, but he walked into the locker room and gave credit to the offensive line, which did a really outstanding job."

The play of safety Stevie Brown, who came up with two critical turnovers, an interception and a fumble recovery:

"He gave up a big play, came back and got a pick, picked up a fumble and put us in good field position. We are starving for that kind of stuff, we are looking for the turnovers all the time to feed off of that."

The six-catch performance by rookie Rueben Randle, who got an extended opportunity with Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden sidelined:

"We said that this would be Rueben's opportunity, that we needed him, that we counted on him today. He made some key plays there when we were trying to get ourselves going with some momentum and he came through under those circumstances."

On the Giants' defensive issues, failing to get a sack and allowing Cleveland's Trent Richardson to gain 81 yards on 17 carries:

"We obviously have some things we have to shore up. For example, defensively, without a doubt. Right now, we are going to celebrate the win and that was not an easy win."

On why the Giants were unable to generate any pass rush:

"I wish I had the answer for you. I know everybody wants to get rid of the ball quickly and there are a lot of three-step in there, there is no doubt about that. But there are also chances and we are just not taking advantage of it. We just keep working. Before I see the tape, I can't really tell you what this team did. I can tell you what other teams have done in terms of chipping and three-step drops and keeping extra people around. This team did keep the back around and he was active."

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