Tom Coughlin: 'Don't be misled by Cleveland's record'

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin is not expecting the 0-4 Cleveland Browns to be a pushover on Sunday.

The Cleveland Browns are 0-4. There are some who think the winless Browns are the worst team in the NFL. New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin, as you might expect, is not buying that line of thinking as the Giants prepare to host the Browns Sunday at MetLife Stadium (1 p.m. ET).

"Don't be misled by Cleveland's record. They're a good young team," Coughlin said during his Wednesday morning press conference. "They played tough in all of their games."

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The Browns suffered season-opening one-point loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and seven-point losses to the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens in the first four weeks of the season.

The Browns are 13-point underdogs heading into Sunday's game against the defending champs, 2-2 thus far.

The Giants, and their fans, should understand that none of that means they will be in for an easy game on Sunday. The Giants are a team that defies logic, one that wins and loses games that it shouldn't.

Witness the 2011 season.

  • The Giants lost twice to the Washington Redskins, who finished the season 5-11.
  • The Giants had to rally to beat the Miami Dolphins, who entered that game 0-6.
  • The Giants had to scratch to defeat the St. Louis Rams, who ended up 2-14.

Then, there is the last time the Giants and Browns played each other. In Cleveland on a Monday night during Week 6 of the 2008 season the Browns handed the Giants a 35-14 beating, the then-defending champs' only blemish en route to an 11-1 start.

So, don't expect an easy victory by the Giants on Sunday.

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Other Notes

- Coughlin said that wide receiver Ramses Barden suffered a concussion during the final drive Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. The severity, and his status for Sunday's game, are currently unknown.

- Coughlin also refuted the reports that there are issues with the work ethic of rookie Rueben Randle. "He's trying, he's working hard. I'm not paying any attention to someone else's opinion," Coughlin said.

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