We still have three games left to go. I’m not speaking anything about a contract right now.

Antrel Rolle


"Eli Manning is running for his life. When you are a playmaker, you want to try and make every play; you feel like you can make every play. That is what Eli is doing right now. ‘No one is making plays around [me, so] I will take it all on my shoulders. I will make every play.’ Unfortunately, when you do that, a lot of interceptions [and] a lot of things go against you."

Kurt Warner on NFL GameDay

Tuck defends Coughlin

If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth. And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that.

Justin Tuck

Working out Kerry Rhodes on Tuesday?

News is in the air, though. The Giants — who could use all the help they can get — will be working out Rhodes on Tuesday, per Pro Football Talk. If Rhodes makes the team, he'd be entitled to a one-year minimum of $840,000. It's a wee bit different from $3 million he might have otherwise gotten, but it's something.

Antrel Rolle changes tune on walking boots

"What theory, that boots are for whimps? Nah man. I want him to be in that boot. We need to make sure we take care of Victor. I think we all know what he means to this team so if he has to walk around in a boot for a month, so be it. Maybe I’ll put a boot on with him to just show him that I’m with him. "

Rolle talking about Victor Cruz

Spencer Paysinger defends Giants' linebackers

"I mean, it’s natural for fans to kind of fear the unknown," Spencer Paysinger, currently one of the Giants’ starting outside linebackers, told the Daily News. "Obviously the Giants have a great legacy in terms of linebackers and this is kind of scary territory for them because they don’t have a big-name linebacker to come in and pretty much set the tone. "But just a word to the public: We have some capable guys."

Spencer Paysinger

Regular season closer than you think

"I was telling the coaches this morning and the players that as of this morning we had nine practices left before the regular season. Can you imagine that? Nine practices. It’s ridiculous."

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin on Monday

Justin Pugh Interview, he is awesome

SD: What went into the decision to forego your senior year at Syracuse and enter the NFL Draft? JP: I wanted to step myself up to the next level. My body of work speaks for itself. I am one of the best offensive tackles in the country, and I know I’m ready for this. I was a 3 time All-Big East selection and I left everything I had on the field. This has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I knew I was ready for this challenge.

More 3-4 Looks?

With 7 DTs on the roster, what are the chances of more 3 man fronts? Shaun Rodgers, Linval Joseph and Jon Hankins can play the Nose, Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, Markus Kuhn and Marvin Austin can play the 5 Technique, with JPP, Kiwi and Damontre Moore playing OLB.... Im not saying this will be our base front, but with the added depth at DT, i cant help but imagine we will see much more 3 man fronts

PFF Podcast on Giants

DL: Like Jenkins and Patterson signings; see Jenkins as a rotational guy but not a starter; feel Giants need to put Kiwi back at DE LB: See a bunch of nobody LBs; feel Giants need to draft a LB or two, especially for MLB OL: Feel NYG need to consider both G/C and T for the right side of the line; like left side of line TE: Not happy about losing Bennett; not sure about Myers signing; believe Giants are really disappointed about Beckum not working out; strongly believe Giants will consider a TE in the draft because Giants desperately want someone like Hernandez/Gronkowski/Finley/Graham DB: Don’t want to believe Webster can play that poorly 2 years in a row; Hosley made a lot of rookie errors but showed some stuff; Prince played well but is an injury concern; Rolle is overrated; Stevie Brown did a reasonable job; big KP fan but he couldn’t stay healthy Biggest needs are DB, LB, OL, TE.


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