2014 Predicted Win-Loss Record For The New York Giants

Hello and welcome to my predicted win-loss totals for every NFL team. I have predicted the outcomes of all 256 regular season games plus the playoffs and am ready to share my results. Below you will find your team's division standings and complete regular season schedule plus the playoffs, if applicable. You will also find breakdowns of your team's key games in 2014. Please note that I tried to be unbiased and fair in these predictions, but also note that someone had to lose. If I give your team a bad record or your least favorite team a good one, it does not mean that I like any team better than any other.

Predicted 2014 NFC East Division Standings
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predictions for 2014)

1. Philadelphia Eagles 11-5(+1)

2. Washington Redskins 6-10(+3)

3. New York Giants 5-11(-2)

4. Dallas Cowboys 3-13(-5)

Looking above, you can see that the Eagles win the division, with the Giants coming in third with a 5-11 record. The Giants, as with any other team, can go two directions, up or down. I think most of that rests on Eli Manning's shoulders. If he plays well, the Giants can be contenders. If he doesn't, well, this happens. Below is the predicted outcome of every Giants game in 2014, as well as a breakdown of the key games in 2014.

Giants Predicted 2014 Schedule

Week 1: Loss at Lions

Week 2: Loss vs. Cardinals

Week 3: Win vs. Texans

Week 4: Loss at Redskins

Week 5: Loss vs. Falcons

Week 6: Loss at Eagles

Week 7: Win at Cowboys

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: Loss vs. Colts

Week 10: Loss at Seahawks

Week 11: Loss vs. 49ers

Week 12: Win vs. Cowboys

Week 13: Win at Jaguars

Week 14: Win at Titans

Week 15: Loss vs. Redskins

Week 16: Loss at Rams

Week 17: Loss vs. Eagles

Key Games

Week 3: Win vs. Texans

The Giants are looking for their first win at 0-2 and the Texans are undefeated at 2-0. The game starts out in a boring fashion with a lack of offense, then a quick offensive outburst puts 10 points on the board for both teams. They don't score again until the Giants kick a field goal mid-way through the 4th quarter. The Texans fail to respond and the Giants get their first win, 13-10.

Week 7: at Cowboys

The Giants come into this game at 1-5 and needing a win to remain in contention. The same is true for the Cowboys. The Cowboys score first with a touchdown, and each team scores a field goal before halftime. The Giants score a touchdown near the end of the third quarter to tie the game. The Cowboys score another field goal, but the Giants respond with a field goal near the end of the quarter. The game then goes to overtime, where an Eli Manning touchdown pass wins it for the Giants, 19-13.

Week 17: vs. Eagles

The Eagles come into this game locked into the no. 4 seed, with the Giants out of the playoffs altogether, but that doesn't make this rivalry game any less intriguing. The Eagles won at home against the Giants earlier in the season, and the Giants look to split the season series 1-1 at home. The teams play close for most of the game, but a late offensive surge by the Eagles sends them to the playoffs with a win.


NFC Seeds:

1. New Orleans Saints (14-2)

2. Seattle Seahawks (14-2)

3. Green Bay Packers (12-4)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

5. San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6)

Unfortunately, the Giants miss out on the playoffs this season, but if they improve on both sides on the ball, they could be contenders as early as 2015.

Team MVP: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE

I think that Jason Pierre-Paul will have a bit of a bounce-back season, and will cause enough big plays on defense to support the team and maybe even directly cause a win by forcing a turnover.

Important Player Stats:

Eli Manning, QB: 3,919 yds, 21 tds, 21 ints

Rashad Jennings: 987 yds, 10 tds, 23 rec, 197 yds

Victor Cruz, WR: 85 rec, 1,279 yds

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE: 45 tkls, 11.5 sacks, 2 ff,

Tom Coughlin's Job Security Going Into 2015:

Tom Coughlin has an established resume and has led the Giants to two Super Bowls, but if he doesn't lead the Giants at least close to a playoff spot in 2015, his seat will be blazing hot, if he isn't already fired or retired.

2015 Draft:

The Giants get the number 7 overall pick, and they will likely use this draft to get some offensive line help, help for a lot of the defense, and maybe even a franchise running back.

Well, that is my take on the upcoming Giants season. Please remember that I cannot see into the future, and I will most likely be wrong about many predictions in this article (but if I turn out to be right, remember me). If you disagree or agree with me, feel free to share your opinions in the comments, I look forward to it. And check out my predictions for the other teams on their blogs as they come out, I put a lot of work into this; I want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Thanks for reading.

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