Which former Giant in his prime would help the 2014 team the most?

Plaxico Burress - Jamie Squire

Tiki Barber? Michael Strahan? Lawrence Taylor? Plaxico Burress? Mark Bavaro? Who would you take?

WFAN reporter Paul Dottino asked a great New York Giants question this morning on Twitter.

Let's discuss it. Keep in mind, Dottino is NOT asking who the best player is. He is asking which former Giants player in his prime would help the 2014 Giants the most.

That could be linebacker Lawrence Taylor, acknowledged as the greatest Giant player and arguably the best defensive player of all time. We know the Giants could use an impact linebacker. Is it, however, their biggest need?

Might Mark Bavaro or Jeremy Shockey be a better answer here? Last I checked, a few people thought tight end was a gaping hole for the Giants.

Might running back Tiki Barber be the biggest help to the Giants this season? The multi-talented Barber would seem like a great fit in a West Coast offense thanks to his ability to both run the ball and be a pass-catching weapon out of the backfield.

Maybe the answer is new Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan. The Giants did not rush the passer very well last season, and lost defensive end Justin Tuck. A 15+ sack season from Strahan would certainly help the 2014 Giants.

Maybe you want to bring back the 2007 version of Plaxico Burress, the one that helped the Giants win a Super Bowl. The Giants added Odell Beckham Jr. in the draft, but still don't have a  big, physical wide receiver to help Eli Manning.

Maybe you want to reach into the way-back machine for Hall of Fame center Mel Hein. After all, no one is exactly sure what to expect from J.D. Walton, and as much as it seems most analysts believe second-round pick Weston Richburg will turn out to be a good player a Hall of Famer in his prime would be a better anchor in the middle of the offensive line.

Maybe you just want to be a prankster, in which case your answer might be Rhett Bomar or Mitch Petrus. Except that neither of those guys ever had NFL primes.

Anyway, who are you taking in this debate? It should be a fun one.

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