Florida Gators 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

The Florida Gators have fallen on hard times but the cupboard isn't empty. Florida will always remain a draw for high school recruits and this is what we see with their 2015 draft prospects. Talent all over but not any definitive answers on how well that talent will play.

#11 Neiron Ball (rSr.) OLB 6-3 235. Has played in 36 games with 9 starts. Missed the 2011 season with a rare disorder. Narrow, wiry, long legged defender. Very athletic and stronger than his size would indicate. Does better in coverage but not a liability in the run game. Has excellent closing speed. Hasn't been a great producer while our on the field. Could surprise with how athletic he is but maybe won't get drafted due to medical checks and lack of production. Built more like a S than LB. UDFA.

#33 Mack Brown (rSr.) RB 5-11 209. Teams leading rusher last season. Despite not having any special traits he does have great patience and displays good vision. Isn't a home run threat but isn't a 3 yards and a cloud of dust type either. Has only 188 career carries which is a testament to the top level talent Florida has had at RB. He got his chance to show his worth last season and it made him relevant from there on. Quality back who may not be a starter type but a good fit as a #3 back with good hands out of the backfield. UDFA.

#1 Quinton Dunbar (rSr.) WR (X) 6-1 194. Has played in 37 games with 26 starts. Has a reception in 28 straight games. Solid, reliable and dependable. Good hands. Struggles though with the deep ball at times. Loses position and slows down too often, negating a clean catch and go. 6th-UDFA.

#75 Chaz Green (rSr.) RT 6-5 300. Missed the 2013 season with a torn labrum. Has played in 20 games with 19 starts, all at RT. Missed 6 games in 2011 and 2012 due to injury. Has the size and athleticism you love in a RT. Has improved in the strength power and power department but there's still room for growth there. If he can remain healthy someone will have a late round steal. 6th-7th round.

#8 Leon Orr (rSr.) DT 6-5 302. Has started 8 times in 33 games. Played thru a fractured wrist late in 2013 and missed all of spring practice recovering. Quick interior player and displays some strength. Has a high motor. Very inconsistent. Is usually the last guy off the snap. Gets glued to blocks and can't get off far too often. Easily steered by the OL in the run game. Has a tremendous amount of natural talent but it hasn't come together. Makes hustle plays but nothing more. His inability to get off blocks is most troubling and I don't think he'll develop the counter moves to improve on this. 7th-UDFA.

#51 Michael Taylor (rSr.) MLB/WLB 6-0 227. Appeared in 36 games with 12 starts. Team captain and leader both on and off the field. Extremely vocal. Talks a lot of trash. Well versed in the defense so he knows it inside out. To be undersized he isn't really quick or fast. He wins because of his keen instincts. Doesn't move well laterally and hasn't been a great coverage LB although he has improved there in the spring. He's limited athletically and he's on the smaller side so he goes UDFA.

#88 Clay Burton (Sr.) TE 6-4 257. 25 career games with 15 starts. 3 career catches. Decent blocker but there's not a lot of upside here. UDFA.

#4 Kyle Christy (Sr.) P 6-2 202. Going into the 2013 season he was probably the nations top P with a record setting season in 2012. He was a weapon but regressed big time in 2013. If he can regain his old form he's drafted for sure. 7th-UDFA.

#6 Jeff Driskel (rJr.) QB 6-4 239. 15 career starts in 20 games. A dual threat QB with a lot of talent. Has a very strong arm and is really fast, deceptively fast. Very even keeled. Never gets too high or too low. Set the standard for his team as its leader. Has moments of brilliance but also has the lapses that he's known to have like not looking off of WR's, hesitating to throw the ball when he should and lack of touch on his deep ball. These were still evident this spring so he must clean these issues up if he even thinks of leaving early. He doesn't declare because he needs the seasoning of being in this current offense for two years.

#2 Jabari Gorman (Sr.) FS 5-10 184. 5 starts in 37 games. Well rounded and is the veteran of the DB's. communicates to the rest of them to let them know where they need to be. Is more of a coverage guy than a run supporter. Will come up and make a tackle without fear but he does better in coverage. Is on the small side. Not an ideal S candidate and I think with his size he's better suited as a NCB. He could potentially thrive there on the next level but being a FS will not help his draft stock unless he far exceeds his level of play and size. 6th-UDFA.

#41 Hunter Joyner (Sr.) FB 5-11 232. Has appeared in 38 games with 11 starts. Capable blocker. Can make the occasional rush and catch. His ability to seal edge enabled them to pull their linemen. New offense uses less of a traditional FB but he'll be involved. UDFA.

#90 Jonathan Bullard (Jr.) DE/DT 6-3 270. Appeared in 24 games with 10 starts. Big, athletic, explosive and extremely talented. Will play DE in base packages and 3 Tech in nickel packages. Has the strength to hold his own on the interior. Is very stout against the run. Long arms with well distributed weight. Has no pass rush moves to speak of. Only ever goes to the T's outside shoulder. Zero variation. He will get to the QB based off of shear will and talent but it won't be very often. Tends to tire towards the end of games. If he is to fulfill his emense potential he needs to learn how to vary his pass rush. His versatility and improvement may propel him and compel him to declare and if he does he could be in the late 2nd-early 4th range.

#90 Bryan Cox Jr. (rSo.) DE 6-3 260. Has played in 8 games with no starts. Has the bloodlines and has an extremely high motor. Is a good pass rusher but needs to work on his fundamentals and not be a liability in the run game. Doesn't declare.

#6 Dante Fowler Jr. (Jr.) DE 6-3 261. Has played in 25 games with 13 starts. Freak athlete! Plays all over the front seven to disrupt and cause havoc. Has a relentless type playing style with a nonstop motor. OL are in for it from start to finish. He's very quick and has no fear when going to the inside of the OL's shoulder. Can shoot gaps and is a load to handle for interior linemen. Long arms and well proportioned frame. He's disruptive but not highly productive. Is like a home run hitter who hits it to the warning track a lot more than he hits it over the wall. He does a lot in the almost category. He struggled getting off of blocks after Dominique Easley was injured but defenses never really doubled him. Has it all but mysteriously hasn't gotten the statical results. Will be a late 1st-mid 2nd rounder.

#70 D. J. Humphries (Jr.) LT 6-5 290. Has appeared in 19 games with 9 starts. Missed 5 games with a sprained MCL. Has big time athleticism! Quick feet, excellent strength and balance. Has elite traits. Is a beast as a run blocker. Gets a great deal of movement when he uses proper technique. A good run blocker but has lapses in his technique. Needs to be a more consistent player technically and if he can shore that up he's a top 10 pick. Top 25 pick.

#24 Matt Jones (Jr.) RB 6-2 235. 4.55-4.60 40? 17 career games with 5 starts. Big, workhorse RB. One cut and go type, between the tackles. natural running instincts. Allows his line to create holes. Natural hands catcher. Adequate in pass pro. Looks a bit stiff in the hips. Will never juke anyone out of their shoes. Has dealt with injuries (a viral infection caused him to miss August and had a season ending knee injury in game 5). Missed all of spring ball with a torn meniscus this year. Only 131 career carries. May play a new position in a new offense (FB/TE) and isn't the teams primary ball carrier. He's be lucky to get 100 carries this season and with that I think he'd be better off declaring because things won't get much better next season either. 6th-UDFA.

#3 Antonio Morrison (Jr.) MLB 6-1 230. Has appeared in 21 games with 11 starts. Fast flowing undersized LB. Arrested twice last summer and struggled on field with lack of discipline, missed tackles and not sticking to assignments. He also got washed out of plays a lot because he's not very stout. Rarely makes a play behind the LOS and lacks ball awareness in coverage. Was a much better player as a freshman and must regain that old form and improve upon that as opposed to just improving from last season. Miscast as a MLB when he should be on the weak side. Doesn't declare.

#24 Brian Poole (Jr.) CB 5-10 206. Has played in 23 games with 6 starts at nickel CB. Is tremendously stout and it shows in how he tackles. Very forceful tackler in the run game. Is a strong blitzer. He's capable in zone and in man but he's not as fast as he is quick. Can be beaten deep. Is all around a very good CB but has to find that level of consistency and keep guys in front of him better. Doesn't declare but if he does he's in the 5th-7th round range.

#74 Trenton Brown (Sr.) 6-8 350. JC transfer. Appeared in 12 games and started 5 at RT. Slated to play at RG this season. Imposing size. A better athlete than he looks to be. A mauler in the run game. Can pull and doesn't look completely uncomfortable in space. Tends to lung when out in space. Whiffs when a move is put on him as opposed to a guy trying to beat him around the corner. The interior is the right place for him because he's so powerful and his physical shortcomings won't be exposed so easily. 6th-UDFA.

#55 Darious Cummings (Sr.) DT 6-1 297. JC transfer. Appeared in 11 games with 6 starts. A quick and physical player. Will show signs of being a terror as a pass rusher. Is stout and barely ever gives up ground. Inconsistent get off when the ball is snapped. Doesn't factor in much stat wise. Occupies and OL but not much else. Gets redirected and pushed out of position in the run game. Never will be a starter on the next level but a nice rotational type. 7th-UDFA.

Non draft eligible player(s) of note:

#1 Vernon Hargreaves III (So.) 5-11 192. Freshman All American and arguably teams best player. Is shaping up to be a franchise type, top 10 pick.

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