Auburn Tigers 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

This is a team with tremendous depth all around. This is one team that should make it to the BCS playoffs based off of talent alone. We all know that you need more than that though and they have not only the talent but the peices necessary to get there. Here's a look at the Auburn Tigers:

#72 Shon Coleman (rSo.) LT 6-6 310. Cancer survivor!!! Missed 3 years while battling and overcoming it and was finally back in action in the spring of 2012 but took a redshirt that year. Backup to Greg Robinson at LT in 2013, seeing limited snaps but played in 8 games. All set to take over Greg Robinson's spot. Is often compared to GR and is considered stronger by a great deal. Has been said to have freakish abilities. His strength and length are his greatest assets. Really doesn't have a peer at T in the run game. Punishing hand punch and once he's locked on his man is under his control thru the whistle. Not as good in the pass game but it's more technique and refinement. Is high cut so he's not a natural knee bender. Feet get too wide and he loses his balance. Tends to miss step at times. Speed to his outside shoulder gives him issues. Appears to almost be fully prepared for the next level with his strength and run defending but at 22 and being out of the game for 3 years has to have some effect on his game. If he declares and his medicals check out he could go anywhere from the 2nd-4th. Has 3 years of eligibility so a decision doesn't have to be rushed.

#20 Corey Grant (rSr.) RB/KR 5-11 205. Transferred from Alabama in 2011. 4.18 and 4.11 40's??? Supposedly what he ran at Auburn's Training day!!! Is for sure one of college football's fastest players. A bonafide HR and a threat every time the balls in his hands. More of a negative than a positive that he doesn't have much tread on his tires (75 career carries). Hasn't ever carried the ball 10 times in a game. Although he's one of the strongest players on the team he's unproven between the tackles. Pass catching and pass pro aren't priorities in this offense. Doesn't change direction well. Is a part of a deep RB depth chart so if he doesn't win the starting role he can only expect 90 carries as a backup. 5th-7th round.

#6 Jonathon Mincy (rSr.) CB 5-10 196. Has played in 38 games with 29 career starts. Has played nickel CB as well as starting at the field CB position the last 2 years. Is transitioning over to the boundary CB to be closer to the action. Made big improvements in the area of ball skills in 2013. Still only has 1 career INT but had 14 PBU's last year. Likes to tackle and be active against the run but needs more upper body strength. His performance against the upper echelon WR's wasn't very good but they were much bigger than him as well (Mike Evans & Dorial Green-Beckum). Was victimized by Amari Copper on his 99 yard TD reception. Is feisty, wants the opportunity to take on the oppositions top WR. He too often over extended though in his attempts to jam them at the line. He gave up a lot of big plays. Is more of a NCB on the next level where he can muscle smaller, quicker WR's. 5th-6th round.

#10 LaDarius Owens (rSr.) DE 6-2 259. Ultra athletic. Has experience at both LB (MLB & OLB) as well as DE. Feels more comfortable at LB. has played predominately DE though and was a backup until getting his first starts and started 12 in 2013. A tweener. Never has fit in any one area. Did play relentless last year so motor isn't an issue. Nice first step. Missed the spring with a broken foot and So.'s Carl Lawson and Elijah Daniel stepped up so snaps come fall may be a bit limited. Will be the strong side DE which will limit his sack totals. Hasn't proven to be highly productive so his impressive physical standing isn't the be all to end all. May find a home as an OLB in a 3-4 as opposed to Auburn's 4-2-5. 6th-UDFA.

#37 Trovon Reed (rSr.) CB 6-0 188. Top tier athlete. Played WR for 4 years until he asked to be switched to CB on January. Has been a natural to date. Is competing for the field CB role. Has great footwork, is aggressive, a bit brash and highly energetic. A team leader. Despite his quick learned nature and natural athleticism he's still new to the position and must learn how to read receivers. Can jam but is a bit light so building strength is key. Developmental type who could pay dividends down the line. UDFA.

#62 Chad Slade (rSr.) OG 6-5 315. 35 career starts. Has started 1 games at LT, 7 games at LG, 1 game at RT and 26 at his natural position of RG. Very versatile. Is a monster in the run game. Head is always on a swivel looking for someone to block in the pass game. Isn't much of an athlete and is limited by his square build. High cut as well, long legs that don't enable him to get as low as he should. Has a hitch when kicking out on sweeps. Is a stationary G who's good straight ahead but otherwise he's in trouble. Looks lost and whiffs more often than not when attempting to block on the second level. Try hard type who's only shot would be with a power running team but even there he'd be a limited player. UDFA.

#54 Jeffrey Whitaker (rSr.) DT 6-4 322. Team leader. Also like another coach on and off the field. Torn meniscus derailed his senior season so he redshirted. 18 career starts. Never will be the type who gets sacks or fills up the stat sheet but he's the unsung type. He's a run plugger and space eater. He's also very fundamentally and technically sound so there may be a spot for him on the next level. Has all the intangibles in the world and that goes into the make up of this player. UDFA.

#98 Angelo Blackson (Sr.) DT 6-4 306. 10 game starter over career. Appeared to be in the uptick after an outstanding 2012 but regressed in 2013. Is still a disruptive player but the consistency is missing. Has impressive power with very long arms, prototypical size. Just isn't a 3 down player with 1.5 sacks in his career. Good ST player as well, can gain penetration and block a kick. Snaps will be limited with a deep and talented DL. Has to make them count in order to get drafted. 7th-UDFA.

#4 Quan Bray (Sr.) WR (Y) 5-10 195. An excellent athlete who's yet to distinguish himself. With the depth at WR I don't see him having much of an impact there. Is such an athlete that his talent could translate to defense perhaps. Trovon Reed made the move and I can see Quan doing the same to try and stick on the next level. UDFA.

#18 Sammie Coates (rJr.) (X, Y & Z) WR 6-2 201. 4.19 40? Long arms, broad shoulders and overall musculature make him appear to be an imposing figure. Superior speed!!! Might not be as fast as a sub 4.2 but he's two notches above most. A proven deep threat. Leaping ability enables him to win most any jump ball. Averaged 21.5 yards per catch, good for 3rd in the nation. Had an average of 54.1 yards per TD reception! One heck of a stiff arm. A hard worker who is making improvement enough to not only be considered a deep threat. It isn't a bad tag but to become more consistent and complete is a huge plus. Will light up the combine and rise as high as the mid 1st-early 2nd.

#89 Jaylon Denson (rJr.) WR (Z, Y & Z) 6-3 218. Considered to be teams most consistent WR. A dependable target but a fierce blocker. Versatility to play any and every position. Was unfortunately injured (torn patellar) in game 4 of 2013 and missed the rest of the season. Hasn't practice in the spring as a precaution but could still carve out a role. Applied for a medical redshirt so should have two years if eligibility remaining. Doesn't declare.

#50 Reese Dismukes (Sr.) C 6-3 297. 37 career starts. Unquestionable leader among the OL. Game captain for every game in 2013. 124 knockdown blocks on the season and graded out above 90% the entire season. Very durable. Has missed only 2 games (1 for a public intoxication in 2012 and the other due to injury) but played thru a high ankle sprain and dislocated elbow. He should've been out longer but toughed it out. Is a very good run blocker (Auburn ran the ball 72% of the time) who's adept at getting out to the second level. Technician! Locks on to NT's/DT's and gains position. Rarely ever engages and moves backward. Is cat quick when getting to the second level. Pass protection is solid as well. Excellent overall and should ascend. You appreciate players with his will. Should be a long time starter. 3rd round.

#17 Kris Frost (rJr.) OLB/MLB 6-2 240. Extremely physically talented! It would be hard to find many better from a size and speed standpoint. Has played in 3 defensive schemes in 3 years. Has gone from a Sam to a Will to a Mike and back to a Will now. He's a fluid athlete. Moves very well backward in coverage. It's his strong suite as opposed to moving forward. He's really strong but he gets lost in the wash in the running game, he's no match against OL. Doesn't do a good enough job of shedding blocks. Hasn't had the career productivity to match the God given talent. I wonder if its due to him bouncing around from one position to another so often. It would be ideal if he stayed for these two years and added strength to his game and became more of a complete LB. 4th-6th round as it stands but has 1st round capabilities.

#11 Brandon Fulse (Sr.) TE/H-Back/WR (Z) 6-4 272. 11 career starts all last season for a heavy run first team. Good in line blocker. Only 4 catches in 3 seasons so he could be classified as a blocker only. Is a good athlete who shows versatility but will go undrafted because he won't be showcased. Has ability to stick at TE on the next level if given a chance. UDFA.

#26 Justin Garrett (rJr.) LB/Star S 6-1 224. Where do you play him? Will his versatility end up being a negative? Very talented player who diagnoses plays and attacks with a reckless abandon. He's relentless and will put a big hit on an opponent. Is an excellent run defender. 2013 was a wash due to two separate foot injuries. If not for the injury bug he'd be a starter and a star. Now he's relegated to a backup at two positions. Has flat feet and has to wear orthotics to help remedy his foot issues. I don't see him declaring after having no real extended game action as of yet.

#43 Anthony Swain (rJr.) ILB/OLB 6-2 249. Impressive physical tools. Long arms, powerful, quick and fast. Former S and it shows. Well coached. To watch him move about in coverage, flowing toward the RB or blitzing, you walk away impressed because it all looks textbook and ideal. Is disciplined. Can cover backs as well. This is all apparent but its in very limited game action. He's also a backup again who had personal issues that made him miss the spring so he may fall down the depth chart. Shouldn't declare but boy is he a player.

#27 Robenson Therezie (Sr.) S/LB (Star) 5-9 212. 4.35-4.4 40? He's like a heat seeking missile when in pursuit of the ball. Extremely tough. ST ace, can do everything as far as KR, PR and kick coverage. Was a CB but wasn't as natural at it. Holds his own in the run game despite his size. Is a big time playmaker. Sometimes seems to be everywhere all at once. How his talent translates to the next level I'm not so sure. He'd fit best at SS than at CB. Has the ability of a box S but the uncanny ability in the pass game to make game changing plays. Not yet in that Matt Elam class but in the same vein. 4th-5th round but could ascend easily.

#81 C. J. Uzomah (Sr.) TE/H-Back 6-4.5 264. More often than not he lined up at H-Back. Most other times he's lined up in the slot or out wide. Hasn't had much by way of career production because of the teams run-pass ratio. Horrendous blocker. If he's giving effort it's hard to tell. Technique isn't at all good. Doesn't have any special pass catching traits either. UDFA.

#9 Jermaine Whitehead (Sr.) FS 5-11 193. 27 starts in 39 games. Started out at CB as a freshman, a SS as a sophomore and FS as a junior. Has an encyclopedia type recall of the defense like his coaches and is like a coach to the other DB's. plays assignment sound but isn't a solid open field tackler. Misses too many and tends to take bad angles toward the ball. Knowledge doesn't translate in that regard. Has about 4.53 speed so I don't see a move to CB as the answer. Maybe at NCB and as a backup S. 7th-UDFA.

#90 Gabe Wright (Sr.) DT 6-3 284. 20 game starter. Dropped 12 pounds in effort to be quicker at DE in Auburn's "Rhino" package. Tremendously quick. Has the ability and look of an interior terror as a pass rusher. Is really strong and hard to control. Has yet to fulfill his immense potential. Has been a disappointment thus far. Disappears more than dominates. Comes off the snap fast but rises straight up often. When he's double teamed he is totally wiped out and doesn't stand a chance. Has no moves or anything to counter being stopped on initial contact. Has a great motor though and is extremely talented but it hasn't come together. Has pedestrian numbers and without a great senior season he may go undrafted. 5th-7th round.

#15 Joshua Holsey (Jr.) SS/CB 5-11 192. Started 6 games his freshman year at CB. Moved to SS last year and started another 6 games before tearing his ACL and missing the rest of the season. Reports are that he's recovered miraculously in 5 months as opposed to the 8-12 months it normally takes but he's been held out as a precaution. Is more of a natural CB than SS. Is really strong and physical. Good run defender as well. Can high point the ball and has good hands. I think he starts at boundary CB over Jonathan Mincy but doesn't declare after only one year removed from ACL surgery.

#63 Alex Kozan (rSo.) LG 6-4 300. 14 game starter and recipient of many post season awards as a freshman. Plays mature beyond his years. A team leader type. Plays extremely strong. Never gets pushed backward. Not a mauler but he gets movement with a strong hand punch. Isn't a top athlete and it shows when he's trying to get out on the 2nd level where he often lunges trying to compensate for not getting there in time. I see an improving player who's going to be extremely solid all the time but never a world beater. Needs to work on technique more as most young linemen do. Doesn't declare.

#5 Ricardo Louis (Jr.) WR (X & Z) 6-2 212. Started 7 games last season. Big, strong, speedster has every dominant characteristic you'd ever want. Can't seem to grab ahold of a role. Plagued by drops. Has trouble adjusting to the deep ball as well. Currently the back up to Sammie Coates. Needs to find a level of consistency to become a factor in this deep WR corp. Doesn't declare.

#8 Cassanova McKinzy (Jr.) MLB/OLB 6-3 249. Started 14 games at Will last season. Has a start and prior experience in the middle as a freshman. A more natural MLB. Well built and stout. Long arms. Strong at the point. A sound tackler. Is better than average in coverage but it isn't his strong suit. Can blitz successfully when asked to. The DL should open things up for him to have a great season and he'll have a really good season. I think he declares. Versatility is a huge plus. 4th-6th round.

#44 Cameron Artis-Payne (Sr.) RB 5-11 210. JC transfer who had an immediate impact last season as a backup to Tre Mason. Between the tackles runner. Tough running style and always seems to fall forward after contact. Soft hands out of the backfield. Not a burner by any stretch but his ability to get yards after contact negates that. No special traits but he does get the job done. Dependable. 5th-7th round.

#50 Ben Bradley (Sr.) DT 6-1 303. JC transfer. Came in and showed his commitment by losing lots of weight. Got into the DT rotation and made his mark as a solid run defender. Can get to the QB because of his relentless motor but he won't get there often. Strong depth won't allow him to show out in a major way. UDFA.

#14 Nick Marshall (Sr.) QB 6-1 210. 4.4 40? CC transfer after being a DB at Georgia. Is one of the most physically gifted talents in the nation. Strong arm and elusive ability with breakaway speed. Lacks touch on his deep ball. Is erratic and his completion percentage shows it. Makes poor decisions at times but his talented WR's bail him out from time to time. Not a pocket passer. Instinct to run is too strong. Never really sets his feet and throws. Not a draftable QB prospect. As a runner he had 14 fumbles in 172 carries. Ball security is a huge issue there as well. A position change may be his only route to the next level but he'd be a project there too. All indications are that he's currently made huge strides in the passing game but his instincts are his instincts. UDFA.

#24 Derrick Moncrief (Jr.) SS 6-2 218. CC transfer. A very quick learner who's impressed everyone from day one on the field. Enough so that he's basically pencilled in as the starting SS. Physical and packs a ferocious punch as a hitter. Is strong as a run defender. Looks very experienced in taking on and/or evading blocks. Looks natural in his backpedal when taking on a slot WR. Extremely aware in all facets of the game. Never looks lost or caught off guard for a player who's new to a system. Very confident and self assured. I think the plan is to turn pro after a good season. Looks ready to make that step. Late 2nd-4th round.

#1 D'haquille Williams (Jr.) WR (X & Z) 6-2 216. CC transfer. Total package! Has size, strength, speed and great jumping ability. Is a refined route runner. Ultra competitive. Very versatile. Knows how to find the open areas in a zone. Can beat the jam because of his excellent strength. Has game changing ability and will shine immediately. Has already talked about leaving after this season. 2nd round.

Non draft eligible player(s) of note:

#1 Montravius Adams (So.) DT/DE 6-4 306. Extremely raw player who had a tough time as a freshman adjusting but the talent is obvious. The strength, size and quickness is there in abundance

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