Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the New York Giants in 2014

Doing my Predicted Win-Loss Series(Here), I realized how useless specific predictions are. So, here I am, writing what I like to consider the spiritual successor to my now dead Win-Loss Series(I only did five teams).

So, hello and welcome to my best and worse case scenarios for the New York Giants. Below, I have listed what I believe to be the best and worst case 2014 seasons for the Giants. Now, any team can be terrible or great (ex. the Jaguars could go 11-5 next year, or the Broncos could go 6-10), so I listed both realistic and and unrealistic (but still possible) scenarios below. Enjoy!

Worst Case Scenarios:

Realistic: 3-13

The Giants lost some good players this offseason, including Linval Joseph, Justin Tuck, and Hakeem Nicks. Of course, they also gained some good players, which we will address below, but what if it is not enough? What if the free agents the Giants signed don't make up for what they lost? And what if Eli Manning doesn't rebound? Well, this could happen. History does show that Manning will in fact rebound (which we will also look at later), but if he doesn't, the Giants could be in for a rough ride.

Unrealistic: 1-15

It takes a lot for a team to be this bad. It usually takes a combination of bad talent, under-performing players, unmotivated play, a rash of injuries, and a lot of bad luck. If all or most of that happens to the Giants, this could happen.

Best Case Scenarios:

Realistic: 12-4, Super Bowl Win

So, say the free agent signings and the draft do make up for the free agency losses and Eli Manning does rebound. This could happen. First, Eli Manning:

Eli Manning's stats after leading the league in interceptions:

2008: 60.3 comp. %, 3,238 yds, 21 tds, 10 ints*

2011: 61.0 comp. %, 4,933 yds, 29 tds, 16 ints*

2014: ?

As you can see, Manning tends to have good seasons after terrible ones. He also seems to follow a 3-year pattern of bad year-good year-good year. If he continues to follow that pattern in 2014, he should have a good year. The addition of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo should help with that. Now the key offseason additions:

The Giants added some notable players, such as RB Rashad Jennings, CBs Walter Thurmond and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and WRs Mario Manningham and Odell Beckham Jr. Rashad Jennings is a running back who has the capibility to be either below-average or very good. Walter Thurmond has some off field issues, but he is fluid in coverage. Rodgers-Cromartie can be very good at times but is inconsistent. Mario Manningham played with the Giants for 4 seasons before signing with the 49ers and tearing his left acl and pcl. It will be interesting to see if he can return to his old form. And finally, Odell Beckham Jr., who the giants drafted with their 2014 first round pick. Beckham Jr. is an offensive playmaker who will help Eli Manning a lot. So, if Eli Manning returns to form and the new players effectively replace the old ones and make the team better, this team can make the playoffs, where the Giants are a completely different team. If this happens, expect the Patriots to also do well this season.

Unrealistic: 14-2; Super Bowl win

If the Giants come together as a team and play really well, this can happen. Eli Manning would have to play in close to MVP form and the players around him would have to support him appropriately. The team would also have to stay healthy and get a large amount of lucky breaks. Then, and only then, the Giants can be this good in 2014.

Well, there you have it, the best and worst case scenarios for the Giants in the 2014 season. If you are interested, head over to the other team's blogs to see their best and worst case scenarios for 2014. If you agree or disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

*= Stats from

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