Andre Johnson Trade Rumors: Giants an unlikely trade suitor

Andre Johonson - Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Suitors are apparently lining up for Houston Texans' wide receiver Andre Johnson. Should the Giants get in line?

If the Houston Texans are forced to trade disgruntled seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson should the New York Giants get in on the bidding?

Johnson has reportedly told the Texans "he wants to play for another team."

There has been no indication from Rapoport or anywhere else that the Giants might be one of the four teams who have inquired about Johnson. Johnson to the Giants makes sense in some ways, however.

Even at 33, Johnson is still an amazingly productive player. He caught 109 passes for 1,407 yards (12.9 yards per catch) and five touchdowns last season with a collection of nothing playing quarterback for the Houston Texans. In 2012, Johnson caught 112 passes for 1,598 yards (14.3 yards per catch) and four touchdowns.

Giants' quarterback Eli Manning has always been helped by big, physical wide receivers who could catch in traffic. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Johnson certainly fills that bill. He would also give the Giants the No. 1 or 'X' receiver across from Victor Cruz that they really have not had the past two seasons.

Yes, the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. in the first round and they have the developing Reuben Randle. The presence of a player like Johnson could help both of those players to develop without having to face double teams on the outside.

The Giants are not listed among the teams apparently in on Johnson, so we are talking about a purely hypothetical situation here -- albeit one that would make the Giants much more likely to be able to make a run at a 2014 playoff berth.

The biggest obstacle for the Giants if they were to even consider such a move is money. Johnson is in the midst of a seven-year, $67.8 million contract. He carries a cap hit of $14.6 million in 2014, $16.1 million in 2015 and $14.675 million in 2016.

The Giants currently have about $6.333 million in cap space, per Spotrac. At this late date it would be difficult for them to move enough money to bring in Johnson. Perhaps, then, talking about Johnson to the Giants is unrealistic. It is , however, the time of year to have such discussion. Your thoughts, Giants fans?

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