GM Jerry Reese: 'Jury's still out' on Chris Snee

Chris Snee - Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

Reese hints that Snee has a decision to make if his injured elbow does not respond.

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese appeared Monday morning on the Joe and Evan Show on WFAN Radio, re-capping much of the team's offseason and talking about his expectations for the upcoming season.

One potential bit of news is Reese hinting that veteran guard Chris Snee might be unable to play if his injured elbow does not respond in the next few weeks. Reese said "the jury's still out," adding that Snee was "not doing great this spring."

"We'll see in the next few weeks if he's going to be able to help us or not. I think he will make a decision one way or the other. We'll see where that goes."

Reese said the Giants do expect to have running back David Wilson available this season:

"We brought in Rashad Jennings, kind of a bell cow kind of a running back - he can run it, he can catch it, he can block, he can do everything with it," Reese said. "David Wilson is an explosive player, but first and foremost we're concerned about his health. We do think all systems are go pretty much for him to be healthy and ready for contact during training camp. We held him out for spring, no contact at all, but unless he has a setback we expect to release him for full contact during the fall. Any time he touches the ball he can go the distance. In this West Coast Offense, we'll try to get them ball to him in different ways and obviously he'll help in the return game."

Reese had said he expected Eli Manning to be out for the spring and was "a little surprised" at how much the quarterback did in OTAs and mini-camp."

"I was the guy who said, look, let's not put that guy out there. I'm really not concerned about the spring. I wanted him to be ready to go in the summer, but he healed quickly from the surgery ... he's 100 percent and ready to go," Reese said.

Reese was, of course, asked about the change in offensive philosophy with Ben McAdoo replacing the retired Kevin Gilbride as offensive coordinator:

"I think it’s just some new energy. You can’t say that the offense we ran … it was at terrific offense. It helped us win two Super Bowls and Kevin Gilbride did a hell of a job for us," Reese said. "This is just a fresh start for Eli (Manning) and our offense. They are liking it right now in the spring, but the offense is behind the defense because it’s new and there’s a lot of new terminology for all the players. So everybody is learning it; the coaches are learning it. We had a good spring and everyone is excited about it, but it has to work when we get out there this fall. Ben McAdoo is a very smart coach and we think we made the right move."

Reese was also asked about his expectations for Jason Pierre-Paul, and said that the defensive end is "one of the keys for us fall."

"If he can come back and be healthy and be the JPP that we know, you've gotta have some disruptive guys, some game-changing guys on that defensive line and he's one of those guys," Reese said. "He looked terrific this spring. He's 100 percent healthy. We expect him to come back and be a game-changer for us."

Reese said "the jury is still out" on who will play tight end and that it might be "tight end by committee" this season. Reese added that "we're always looking to upgrade as we go through the offseason and into the season."

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