Grading the 2011 BBV Community Mock Draft

Yes, this WAS a huge misuse of my time. Thanks for asking.

Some explanation: They say it takes 3 years to grade a draft class. Well, it's been three years and since we are so full of self-proclaimed experts, it's worth looking back. Many of the BBV members' names have faded into Bolivia, but some remain. Here is my system of grading: I looked up the guys I didn't know on Rotoworld. I checked to see if their options had been picked up, and looked at stat lines and news items. I don't claim to be a personnel expert, so feel free to tell me where I've gone wrong.

The way I see it, the big winners were GiantNomad, who snapped up Aldon Smith and Randall Cobb for the Rams; jcalafiore, who got Andy Dalton and Julio Jones for the Redskins; and then maybe some honorable mentions: JimmyK getting Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon for Philly; AnthonyP getting JJ Watt and Torrey Smith for San Diego; and myself, RolloT, and Daddyzander, all for grabbing two above-average starters.

Anyway, have a look. Argue. Football!

Carolina PanthersTito (eight and oh)

Only pick: #1 Cam Newton. Can’t argue with this. He was the actual #1 pick, despite Rorshack’s campaign for Blaine Gabbert. He’s had a good career and I think most Panthers fans are happy with this pick. GRADE: B, only… the pick was easy.

Denver: Mike Fiametta -- #2 Nick Fairley, #36 Brooks Reed.

Gotta harsh on Fiametta’s mellow for this one. Fairley has played well but not #2 overall well. There have been questions about his effort and dedication, and he has had multiple run-ins with the law including pot and DUI. He was taken at 13 by the Lions after his stock dropped at the combine. Nothing wrong with Brooks Reed as a player. After a strong rookie campaign with 16 games and 6 sacks, he played in only 12 games in 2012 and then 16 again last year. He was taken 42 overall, so Mike comes in at a reach for both picks. GRADE: C

Buffalo: Bigbluethruandthru -- #3 Patrick Peterson, #34 Christian Ponder. Pretty good work here. Peterson has lived up to expectation, playing well as a punt returner, cornerback, and has even gotten involved in the offense last year. We all know now that Ponder has been a disappointment at QB, but to grab him at 34 (he went at 12) for a team in dire need is, to me, a good value pick. GRADE: B

Cincinnati: BitterEli -- #4 Blaine Gabbert, #35 Stephen Paea.

Bad. Blaine Gabbert has been Ryan Leaf 2.0, and Paea has been an oft-injured and poor DT for one of the league’s worst run defenses. Grade: F

Arizona: gmen2thebowl -- #5 Von Miller, #38 Ryan Mallett

Good draft here. Miller, despite the drug suspension, has been an impact player as advertised. While Mallett hasn’t played, he projected very well and I felt he was a steal back then. Hard to rate him but I feel he’d compete for the starting job in a bunch of places. GRADE: B+

Cleveland: Bobely -- #6 Marcel Dareus, #37 Martez Wilson

Dareus is a solid tackle. Wilson has been waived by several teams and looking at his last chance to catch on as an NFL player. GRADE: C-

San Francisco: pat19 -- #7 AJ Green, #45 Christian Ballard.

Green is a dynamic playmaker. Ballard is a big disappointment and may soon be retired. GRADE: C+

Tennessee: RealLT -- #8 Da’Quan Bowers, #39 Brandon Harris

DQB was a real enigma going into this draft, and as he reported overweight and poorly conditioned this year after marginal seasons, I’d say largely a bust. Harris has slowly grown as a player and may become a JAG corner. GRADE: D+

Dallas: Simms-McConkey -- #9 Prince Amukamara, #40 Cameron Heyward

Amukamara is a pretty good corner. Heyward has never missed a game while growing into a full-time starter for the Steelers. He’s above average in pass rush and run defense, and last year had a 13-game, 5-sack, 59-tackle season. I’d also point out Dallas today is crippled in the D-line and secondary. Grade: A-

Washington: jcalafiore -- #10 Julio Jones, #41 Andy Dalton

Nice work here, very nice. Dalton would have saved the Skins the franchise-crippling Bob-3 trade, and Jones is a legit #1 receiver. While Cincy fans are wondering when Dalton will take it to the next level, he’s a franchise QB and frankly I’d take him over BG3. GRADE: A

Houston: Daddyzander -- #11 Robert Quinn, #42 Aaron Williams

Robert Quinn has become one of the league’s dominant defensive ends. While Williams struggled for 2 seasons as a CB, Zander drafted him as a "DB" and his move to safety turned this guy into a top performer – so much that the Bills, who drafted him at 34, just signed him to a 4-year, $26 million extension. GRADE: A-

Minnesota: RolloT -- #12 Tyron Smith, #43 Rahim Moore

True to form, Rorshack insisted Smith would be a blocking tight end at the NFL level because that’s what he played in high school. Instead he has become a top-flight left tackle. Despite the development of a rare medical condition, Moore has been a very good safety. GRADE: A-

Detroit: Ed Valentine -- #13 Anthony Castonzo / Invictus, #44 Mason Foster

Castonzo has started at left tackle every game for the past two years and been ok. Foster, while probably more productive and valuable than Jerrell Jernigan, has been mediocre. Still, he’s still a starting MLB and Lovie Smith is going to give him a shot in a new system. GRADE: C

St. Louis: GiantNomad -- #14 Aldon Smith, #47 Randall Cobb

Aldon Smith surprised me when the 49ers snapped him up top ten, but has proven them right as a strong pass-rushing presence behind chronic holding DE Justin Smith (no relation). Cobb was a good threat on offense, posting nearly 1,000 yards in 2012 before missing a lot of 2013. GRADE: A

Miami: HenneGivenSunday -- #15 Mark Ingram,


Jacksonville: ct17 -- #17 Cameron Jordan, #49 Kelvin Sheppard

Jordan is a top DE. Sheppard’s been a largely unimpressive linebacker despite getting a lot of action. GRADE: B

New England: Ryan Valentine -- #17 Mike Pouncey, -- DManinBlue #28 Derek Sherrod, #33 Jabaal Sheard, -- ShauntheGiant #60 Greg Little

I have no idea how this GM spot got so fractured but that has to hurt having a game plan. In any case: Pouncey is a decent center; Sherrod never earned a starting job; Sheard hasn’t accomplished much; Little’s been waived. GRADE: D-, and if not for Ryan it would have been an F. How can a team get so little from 4 picks in rounds 1-2? Were we subconsciously trying to hurt the Pats?

San Diego: AnthonyP -- #18 JJ Watt, #50 Torrey Smith, #61 Ras-I Dowling

Watt is a candidate for the steal of this draft; Smith is a playmaker; Dowling is pretty much weak depth. Still, you take a swing with that extra pick. GRADE: A- (A+ without Dowling)

New York Giants: Ed Valentine -- #19 Akeem Ayers, #52 Stefen Wisniewski

Ed perhaps caters to the early rumblings of the Beezer Brigade. Ayers has been a decent if unspectacular 16-game player for all 3 seasons in Tennessee. Wis is a solid center who would have saved the Giants the David Baas debacle. GRADE: B

Tampa Bay: willgfass -- #20 Jimmy Smith, #51 Sam Acho

Smith finally had his breakout year in 2013 as a 16-game starter with some good numbers on turnovers and passes defensed. Despite showing some promise his rookie year, Acho has now lost his starting job and become a rotational LB in Arizona. GRADE: B-

Kansas City: theBloodofEli -- #21 Phil Taylor, #55 Rodney Hudson

Taylor is a decent rotational NT who’s been pulled on passing downs. Hudson is competing for a starting center job. Gotta like BoE’s efforts to improve the interior lines on both sides of the ball, but neither of these guys has tore it up, so GRADE: C

Indianapolis: dannymac56 -- #22 Gabe Carimi, #53 Jonathan Baldwin

Despite his promising 6’7, 320-pound frame, Carimi is a bust now looking at his 3rd team. Good thing the Giants didn’t know I was ok with him as their pick until Mook was still on the board. Baldwin is now looking at potentially converting to TE to try to salvage his NFL career. GRADE: F

Philadelphia: JimmyK -- #23 Nate Solder, #54 Marcus Cannon

Solder has started 44 of 48 possible games and performed well both in run blocking and pass protection. Cannon, at nearly 360 pounds, is a mauler who earned away the starting guard job from long-time fixture Connolly last year in New England. Simply put, this draft would have put Philly’s OL in shape for years to come. GRADE: A-

New Orleans: Charles L. -- #24 Ryan Kerrigan, #56 Mikel LeShoure

Kerrigan’s been a disruptor playing across from that Geico commercial guy. LeShoure has not played much and looks like a depth running back with commitment, injury, & work ethic issues. GRADE: C

Seattle: Ejaay -- #25 Jake Locker, #57 Ben Ijalana

Locker hasn’t been the answer in Tennessee, but he hasn’t been awful and you can’t hardly fault Ejaay for taking him at #25 (he was taken 8th overall). Ijalana was waived after last year and injury-washout years in 2011 and 2012. Still when he got on the field in 2013 he played well, can play tackle and guard. GRADE: C+

Baltimore: LarrySoprano -- #26 Justin Houston, #58 Leonard Hankerson

Houston has grown into a monster in KC’s formidable D and you have to feel he’d be doing the same in Baltimore. In Hankerson’s only full year, 2012, he put up 38 catches for 540 yards. GRADE: B+

Atlanta: Pataroons -- #27 Kyle Rudolph, #59 Titus Young

Rudolph’s only 16-game season was a 50-catch, 500-yard, 9-TD season in 2012, so he’s decent. Young, on the other hand, is a felon with mental health issues. GRADE: C-

Chicago: You’re my boy, blue -- #29 Corey Liuget, #62 Will Rackley

Liuget has been fairly good, despite struggling to play all 16 games last year with a torn labrum. Rackley’s made a lot of starts, but largely has been underwhelming. GRADE: B-

Jets: PlaxicoBurress -- #30 Adrian Clayborn

Clayborn’s a starter, albeit not yet a dominant one. GRADE: C+

Pittsburgh: stephen_ross -- #31 Muhammad Wilkerson, #63 Marcus Gilbert

Wilkerson’s a decent, full-time starter, perhaps more. Gilbert has played LT but is moving to right. Still, two solid starters here. GRADE: B+

Green Bay: NYG28 -- #32 Danny Watkins, #64 Allen Bailey

Watkins – haha! The fireman is a bust, although he did go much higher in the draft. Bailey’s been an unimpressive rotational DE. GRADE: D

Let me know what you think, Giants fans.

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