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Well now so far it is 2-0 for the Giants from my predictions and analysis, and now we move on to the Houston Texans. Without further ado let's begin.

Overview: The Houston Texans started out as the newest of NFL franchises replacing the Houston Oilers, after a few years, when they, the Oilers, moved to Tennessee to become the Titans. They have not found much success, but when Gary Kubiak came in things have changed a bit, for the better. They did win two playoff games, and two division titles, but were not able to take the next step. They did start 2-0 last season, but finished with 14 straight losses which is a colossal disappointment for a team with high expectations. Kubiak was fired, and in comes the third head coach of the Texans Bill O'Brien, former coach of Penn State, and worked under Bill Belicheck. Eli Manning is 2-0 vs. the Texans in his career, and this might be the team where the Giants may have a let down, or a big win.


Team Offense: 31st

Passing Offense: 15th

Rushing Offense: 21st

Kick and Punt Returns: 2nd

Kicking and Punting: 18th

Scoring Offense: 31st

Drives: 7th

Team Defense: 24th

Passing Defense: 3rd

Rushing Defense: 23rd

Kick and Punt Return Against: 31st

Kicking and Punting Against: 15th

Scoring Defense: 2nd

Drives against: 17ths

Offensive Line: PFF: 16th, FO: 6th

What do the rankings say: That the Texans were an awful team last year 14 straight loses, a quarterback problem and injuries will do it there is a few things to like about this team though the front seven will be stronger, and the secondary is also great too. The offense was putrid, with injuries to Arian Foster and Matt Schaub throwing worse, yes worse than Eli, it made a bad offense, and on top of all that horrible luck.

Quarterback: advantage Giants

It's Ryan Fitzpatrick/Case Keenum/Tom Savage vs. Eli Manning. I would absolutely take Eli over all of those Quarterbacks, we do not know what Savage will bring, being a rookie, Fitzpatrick is not a game changer and neither is Keenum, Manning, although has not been the best of players recently, will fare better than the former.

Running Backs: advantage Texans

I am a little hesitant to give this the Texans, but Foster is a top NFL running back teaming up with the oft-injured, and decent runner Andre Brown, the stable of backs for the Giants might just beat out the Texans in the end, but the Texans have the advantage, for now.

Wide Receivers: advantage Giants

It is just Andre Johnson vs. the Giants receiver corps, and Johnson is not getting any younger, albeit he had an impressive season last year, it is still going to be tough for Johnson to take on a strong secondary like the Giants.

Offensive Line: Push

This is tricky one in the Giants, they will be on the rise in terms of an offensive line, meanwhile, the Texans might be on the fall down, so I will say a push for now.

Defensive Line: advantage Texans

The Texans have one of the best Defensive Lines in football, going to be tough to beat these guys on any given day especially with the best pass rusher in football in J.J. Watt. The Giants will have a tough time with this line

Linebackers: advantage Texans

The Texans have one of the best linebacker corps in football as well. The Giants just lost Beason for a while, but even with Beason playing healthy I would say the advantage would go to the Texans.

Cornerbacks: advantage push

Both teams have solid corners and depth, it is really to close to call who has the advantage in this game. Should be fun if you like a defensive game.

Safeties: advantage Texans

With Will Hill out of the equation for the Giants, and questions outside of Rolle, the advantage goes to the Texans they do have a decent corps of safeties while the Giants may have depth issues.

Special Teams: advantage Giants

I like the special teams more on the Giants side, than on the Texans side for this game, it is more or less a gut check as I do not like either in this game, and it could get very sloppy. I will take the Giants on a gut call.

Coaching: advantage Giants

By week 3, the Giants should start to get into a groove on offense, and start to play more sleeker, but so will the Texans under Bill O'Brien. O"Brien will have a few games under his belt by the time week 3 comes around, but I just do not know what will happen with this Texans team, I think that based on what I do know about Coughlin, and O'Brien, I will take the Giants for more experience, and for the overall head coaching aspect.

Result: Giants 19, Texans 14

I expect a tough defensive battle, and it will come down to who has the ball last. But, Fitzpatrick is a turnover waiting to happen, yet so was Eli last season, I think that the Giants win this because the team will lock down when it matters most, plus the home game helps a lot.

Giants 3-0

Poll is at the bottom sorry this took a little while to write up. Washing Redskins game is up next.

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