Why Martin > Lewan...

OL has dominated the talk on BBV the past week, so after " a spirited conversation " With the "Manningham and cheese" i decided to do some digging.

I made the statement (that didn't go over well) the LT position isn't as valued around the league due as in yrs past due to the current shift in offensive philosophy.Guards are the ones rising up the list of what teams may invest higher in to combat what defenses will do to adjust to the quick strike, read option, fast pace O's of today.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning - get rid of the ball at an avg of 3.03 and 3.04 seconds, compared with the league average of 3.46 -- do the names really matter? Linemen simply don't have to hold their blocks as long as they used to so where is the value of the high priced LT?.

As Giant fans are well aware of, the Giant D of 2012 is no longer effective vs teams like this. Teams like Seattle seem to be ahead of the curve. press coverage along with a ton of talented depth up the middle has been an effective measure vs the uptempo short rout offenses

"Vs quick-strike passing attacks, defenses like the Giants' and Ravens' have started to take a shorter, more direct path to the quarterback by overloading pressure up the middle, which places more value on guards and centers. That's why Alabama's Chance Warmack could become just the seventh guard taken in the top 10 of the draft since 1988. And because running backs and especially tight ends are too valuable in the passing game to stay in and block -- catches by tight ends are up 16 percent since 2008 -- even the right tackle position is on the rise."

Just look at some of the most recent SB teams. none of which had stella OL play. Baltimore, Giants,Broncos,Patriots and Seahawk's.

Here is an article on the success of teams of the past decade with suspect play at LT.

Here Pro-football focus weighs in on the subject.

In 2012 we had the same # of Guards taken in the 1st round as Tackles, In 2013 three guards were taken in the top 20. These are not how the drafts of Bill Parcells days would have gone down.

"Times have changed dramatically since 2006, when the Ravens' Michael Oher was the inspiration for The Blind Side. That best-selling book and eventual blockbuster movie helped mythologize the left tackle's role in protecting the quarterback's back. But in '06, the ideal QB still stood in the pocket and worked through his progressions before delivering the ball down field. Today, QB drops are shorter, the ball comes out quicker, the passers are far more elusive and the pressure is coming from all over, not just the right defensive end. As a result, Oher doesn't even protect the blind side anymore. In Super Bowl XLVII, he started at right tackle."

"If there's a great left tackle available, sure, people are still gonna take him," says Phil Savage, executive director of the Senior Bowl and former GM of the Browns. "But I absolutely think you're going to see more and more people rethink the idea of the left tackle as this top-notch, highest-paid, building block kind of player."

This is why i think Martin will be the pick over Lewan in this yrs draft. maybe not by the entire league, but definitely by the Giants..though it wouldn't surprise me if the league see's Martin > Lewan

."When coaches talk about position hierarchy, left tackle isn't among the top few anymore," an AFC team exec says. "Now it's QB, pass rusher, cornerback, wide receiver. A guy like Joe Thomas shows that a great left tackle isn't nearly sufficient. due to the lack of success there in Cleveland's Offense."

I believe JR is on board with this mindset, this is why i can see us going heavy WR and 3 tech DT early, maybe all first 3 rounds. Reese went nuts at CB, we are good at QB (we hope) that leaves pass rush and a passing threat. Whether it pans out this way only the longest next 2 days of my life will tell.

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