"Way Too Early" Part Two: Weeks 5-9

I am back with the continuation of my "way to early" predictions for the Giants upcoming season. On my previous post, I covered the first 4 weeks of the Giants season and what I predicted the outcomes of each game would be. Via the poll I had opened, 50% of you agreed with my conclusion that the Giants will be 3-1 after weeks 1-4. Now, I'd like to take a look at the next 4 weeks of the Giants season and see where they stand at the half way point of their season.

Week Five: Atlanta Falcons

After a trip to Washington, Thursday of the previous week, the Giants get a few extra days to rest and prepare for their return home to take on the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons were a team that was plagued with injuries last year and their record reflected those injuries rather than the actual talent of the football team. The Falcons feature some dynamic player makers with Julio Jones, Devin Hester, and Jacquizz Rodgers. But without much a rushing threat, and with an unproven defense, I think Giants will take advantage of the long week of preparation and stay undefeated at home while improving to 4-1 on the season.

Giants: 4-1

Week Six: @ Philadelphia Eagles

Philly. Not much is to be said here. By week six both teams will be ready for this rivalry game. I'm sure McCoy will have plenty to say leading up to this Sunday Night affair and Rolle and company will have answers. It is undoubtably going to be a tough task for the Giants to walk into Lincoln Financial Field in a primetime slot and sneak away with a win but, I think they will. I am not a believer in Nick Foles yet. I am not too worried about Maclin, Cooper, or Matthews with our pass defense, and I think a heavy dose of rush defense should be able to limit McCoy enough that he can't beat us himself. I think McAdoo saves some tricks for this divisional game and Giants walk away with a huge road victory over the Eagles.

Giants: 5-1

Week Seven: @ Dallas Cowboys

Back to back road divisional games. I'm not sure when the last time the Giants won back to back divisional road games was, but I am giving them the honor here. Last year the Cowboys beat the Giants twice, starting what was miserable season and essentially ending it, albeit it was week 12. This year, Giants turn Cowboys stadium back into the house that Eli built and the man himself leaves a nice footprint on this questionable Dallas defense. Giants return home after another successful road trip.

Week Eight: Bye Week

Week Nine: Indianapolis Colts

Not quite the battle of the Manning brothers like it used to be, but this showdown vs the Colts could have similar hype. On top of the fact that I believe the Colts are one of the best all around teams in the NFL, Mr. Nicks makes his return to Metlife, along with Ahmad Bradshaw. The Colts are going to be a tough team to beat. I think the Giants can do it. I think we match up well against the Colts but I am going to hand the Giants their first home loss here in a tight matchup with a very good team who just over powers them en route to a victory.

Giants: 6-2

Next article will cover weeks 10-13, which is in my opinion the hardest stretch of four games Giants will endure all season. Again, a few side notes:

- I think this group of 4 games will draw a much wider variety of opinions of the outcomes than the first four games of the season. Realistically, I can see the Giants going anywhere from 1-3 to 3-1 during this stretch of games. This is going to be a crucial part of the schedule, having 2 divisional road games, and two home games versus successful teams. I would be more than happy with a split of both.

- Week Nine should be interesting with the return of two Super Bowl Champion Giants in Nicks and Bradshaw. How will you guys react to seeing them against us?

- With Seahawks, Niners, Cowboys coming up next, this part of the schedule becomes that much more important. Getting off to a quick start here so you don't have pressure on yourselves to win at Seattle or vs the Niners would do wonders for this team. If they believe in themselves, being an underdog won't matter. We know that. And if the team is 6-2 or even 5-3, they should have that confidence.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope most of you vote in the poll. Once I conclude this series of posts, I will let everyone know what the BBV predictions turn out to be via the percentages from the poll. Enjoy and comment below!

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