Leaked Audio From Giants Draft Strategy Meeting

Present: John Mara (JM), Jerry Reese (JR), Tom Coughlin (TC)

8:55 AM, Monday April 28, 2014

JM: Ok you guys, let's go.

TC: Once again, Jerry, you're late.

JR: It's five minutes, Tom.

TC: Ah, but you were supposed to be 15 minutes for that thing we were gonna do.

JR: I'm not going to arm wrestle you again, Tom.

TC: Best two out of three. You owe me a tiebreaker.

JR: Some other time.

JM: Guys, we need to talk about building the talent pipeline and getting our young guys involved.

TC: I'm all for it.

Pause. A minute of silence and some shuffling feet.

JR: Tom, our guys aren't progressing the way we need them to. We feel like we're getting good talent in. . .

TC: The young men are talented, some more than others, no question. You know my thoughts about this and about Kevin, but we've moved on. I know Ben is eager to get some guys out there and give everyone a fresh start. That's for me too.

JR: Tom, coaching's your job, not mine, I'm a scout. But we're getting the coaches good guys to mold. Reuben, David, Damontre, Jernigan, these guys need to feel some confidence and encouragement to learn to be professionals. It's not like when we were coming up, this generation of kids needs more engagement and maybe some coddling. I don't like it either but we have the research and reports on these millenials.

TC: That's all fine, I don't know about surveys. I know football players and locker rooms. How am I gonna put guys out there? You talk about Reuben, talk about David. They're kids. They're all kids but these guys are not ready, they don't get what it takes. Physically gifted, no question. Soon as I put them out there beyond what their work habits and practices dictate, I'm telling every guy in that locker room they don't need to work that hard.

JR: I hear you. . .

TC: (interrupts) People kill me over Diehl. What do you think I'm teaching those guys? The toughness, the discipline, what it takes to get the most of your talent and have a great career. More than one way to teach, and snaps are all a head coach has in the end to make guys pay attention. Always has been, always will.

JM: So what's it going to take to rebuild this pipeline? We've been, I won't say "broken," I'm not going there again. We've been drafting guys with tools and gifts and looking for upside, and right now we can't take so many risks.

JR: I know I've made mistakes on guys. Tom, Beckum is on me. Barden is on me.

TC: Not blaming anyone, Beckum is Beckum, and so on.

JM: But you want guys with their heads on right from day one.

TC: Character guys, grinders, workers, not guitar players and guys who wanna be actors. We need that aspect to really get them in the mix fast. Not wait two years for them to figure it out, if they ever do.

JR: So we can focus more on production guys with tools and great character, maybe team captains if we can find 'em, safer guys.

TC: No argument from me.

JM: Ok, then. Tom, I know it's been a tough off season. We'll try to get you what you need in the draft this year, and I need you guys to stay on the same page. This is on me because I should have seen the disconnect years ago and gotten us together. We're done here, gentlemen.

TC: I'm on with Perry in 7.

JR: We're good.

TC: You owe me that tiebreaker. Third time, no ducking.

JR: I don't want to arm wrestle you Tom.

JM: Get out of my office, the two of you.

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