Jerry Reese's Thursday Presser

If you were unaware of it, Jerry Reese holds his pre-draft presser tomorrow at 12:30 PM.

Here's my best crack at a sneak peek.


JR: OK guys, it's time for the draft. Marc Ross and our scouts have done a nice job putting things together for us. We think there's some good players, as there are in every draft. As I always start off by saying, we're looking for the best players we can find, sometimes you get guys that are best available and fill a need, and it's nice when that happens, but we don't go into the draft looking to fill holes, so...I'll take some questions. Dave?

Q: When you started the offseason, you said you were going to look in-house first for offensive line help. Then you went out and signed Schwartz, Jerry, Brown. Did you accomplish everything you needed to with the offensive line, or are you still looking to get more talent in the draft?

JR: We're just looking for the best players, Dave. If there's a lineman there that we like, we'll take him.

Q: Right but did you do enough? Are you happy with what you have?

JR: You're always looking to get better at every position.

Q: Is Beatty healthy or will you be looking at tackles?

JR: We'll be looking at everything. We want to get good players.

Q: Specifically on Beatty.

JR: Will is coming along in his rehab from what he and the doctors tell us, we'll see how things look as we go.

Q: What's the status on David Wilson? Could a running back be a priority?

JR: There's still some questions there, we'll have to see how David progresses. We don't take anything for granted.

Q: Is Jennings going to be the feature back or do you need another back to pair him up with?

JR: We have other backs right now. Hillis we like. Cox we like, we want to see him play. So we like what we have but if an opportunity presents itself, we'll take it.

Q: Last year you traded up for Ryan Nassib. How is he progressing? It seems with the Freeman signing, maybe there are some questions.

JR: Well, with Freeman, we're always looking to get better, we like to create as much competition as we can at every position. We like Ryan a lot and so we'll see how it goes.

Q: Will you keep 3 quarterbacks?

JR: We're nowhere near that kind of decision guys.

Q: What about a trade? Any interest in maybe dealing Nassib if another team shows interest?

JR: We keep all our options open.

Q: A lot of speculation has focused around Taylor Lewan. Will his off the field issues have any impact on whether you draft him or not?

JR: I'm not going to comment on any specific player. As we've always said, we like clean players, so anybody we take we'll have done our homework on, we'll feel comfortable with.

Q: Do you feel you've done enough to replace Justin Tuck?

JR: We brought in Robert Ayers and we're real excited about what he brings to our front. We think he's got a lot of upside and is coming into his own. We think Damontre Moore is going to have a good chance to compete, and we think Kiwi is maybe primed for a bounceback type of year. But, guys, if an opportunity presents itself to take a DE, we'll always take a look. We believe in rushing the passer here.

Q: What's the status on Will Hill?

JR: That's something we're dealing with internally with the league, I can't comment on that.

Q: Does the possibility of losing Hill mean you're going to have to take a safety?

JR: We're not going to force anything, guys. We're looking to draft good players. There's the draft, there's the undrafted guys, there are still free agents on the market. We've put a lot into the secondary this offseason, we're not going to sleep back there. But you get in trouble when you try to fill a specific position.

Q: You talk about the secondary - are you completely out of the cornerback market in this draft, or do you look at maybe Prince leaving next year...?

JR: We just want to draft good players, guys. If there's a cornerback that we like, we'll have no problem taking him.

Q: Any possibility of trading up?

JR: We keep all our options open. If there's a player we like that we want to go up and get, we'll do that. And the same goes for moving down if the opportunity is there and we think it's in the best interests of our football team. We're not going to be afraid to do whatever we have to.

Q: There's been some speculation that if you take a tackle, Justin Pugh would be moved inside. What would you do in that case?

JR: We want to line up the best 5 guys and we'll see where that takes us.

Q: Is J.D. Walton your starting center, or any possibility you might move Pugh inside?

JR: Yeah, I read Big Blue View, too, and I can't comment on any speculation about Justin moving to center. We just want to play the best 5 guys. We like football players and we like versatile guys.

Q: You didn't sign any premium free agents at either tight end or wide receiver - does that say anything about your draft strategy?

JR: We think we've done enough there that if we had to go into the season tomorrow, we can be competitive. But we'll be looking for good players. We don't force anything guys.

Q: But there are a lot of wide receivers in this draft.

JR: We don't talk about what our board looks like. If there's a guy in a certain row that we like, and he also happens to fill a need, then that's the best of both worlds.

Q: Do you feel you need a big receiver, or would one of the smaller, faster receivers be on the table?

JR: There's no template guys. We like good players and we'll find ways to get them on the field.

Q: That was one of the criticisms last year. John Mara talking about Jernigan not playing and such. Will things be different this year with regard to playing younger players faster?

JR: Well, a lot was made of that, but we always look for opportunities to get our young players on the field. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. But all of us are on the same page. We think our offense might be a little simpler for the younger guys to pick up, so we'll see.

Q: Are you planning to draft more so-called NFL-ready players or will you still look for projects that you can develop?

JR: Well, we've always believed in our coaches' ability to develop guys, but you have less time to do that now. You have to see what's on the board when your pick comes up. Sometimes we might take a chance on a guy that we think has a lot of upside, other times we might see somebody who can get on the field right away. There's no template.

Q: The O'Brien Schofield signing - what does that say about what you're looking to do at linebacker? Any changes in scheme where you're looking to rush the passer more from the linebacker position?

JR: We really liked what we saw in O'Brien, unfortunately it didn't work out with the medical. We liked the player, we thought he brought some unique abilities to us, but I can't comment on any scheme changes or anything like that. We're just looking to bring in as many good players as possible.

Q: Does the fact that you don't have Schofield impact how you look at drafting linebackers? You've usually drafted them later.

JR: No, we just look for good players, guys, doesn't matter what round. Clint Sintim we took in the second round, so you never know what presents itself to you. If there's a linebacker there, we'll take him.

Q: Any chance you might be looking at Johnny Manziel as a quarterback of the future?

JR: (smiles) We look at everything.

Q: If Dallas is interested in trading up to get him...?

JR: (smiles more broadly) We listen to everything.

Q: What about trading up for Clowney? Any possibility you're looking there?

JR: All I can say is, we research everything and keep all options on the table.

Q: You surprised a lot of people with the Justin Pugh pick last year. Is there somebody like that, an out of the blue type of pick, that you have your eye on in Round 1?

JR: Guys, our boards are a lot different than what you see out there in mocks and such. We had Justin rated very high and were very happy he was there when we picked last year.

Q: Any surprises this year?

JR: There won't be for us - if there's a guy we like on our board, we'll take him.

Q: A few years ago Prince unexpectedly dropped - are you ready for something like that happening again this year?

JR: Well that was a case where we didn't think the player would be available to us and maybe we didn't do as much work on him, but no, we're not going to be in that position again this year. We have a good handle on everybody we think is a top guy.

[PAT HANLON YELLS OUT - "One more question!!"]

JR: OK, Ralph.

Q: Isn't this draft really all about Eli Manning? Getting him the protection and the weapons he needs to get back on track?

JR: It's not about any one player, Ralph. We're going to do what's best for the Giants, but certainly we want to keep Eli upright and give him some people to throw to. But I wouldn't put it like that, no, we think Eli's going to do well in this new offense, and we think we've already done a lot to improve what we've got around him.

[PAT HANLON - "Time!"]

Reese leaves the podium.

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