Mel Kiper 3-Round Mock Draft: Eric Ebron, Stephen Tuitt, Trai Turner choices for Giants

Stephen Tuitt makes a playl - Jonathan Daniel

ESPN draft guru makes his 'Grade A' selections.

ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper released what he calls his 'Grade A' 2014 NFL Mock Draft [Insider only] on Thursday. This is a three-round mock in which Kiper tries not to project what he thinks teams will do, but rather makes the picks he would make as GM of each team,

His choices for the Giants?

Round 1 (12) TE Eric Ebron, North Carolina
Round 2 (43) DT Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame
Round 3 (74) G Trai Turner, LSU

Here is Kiper's explanation:

A really dynamic pass-catcher at tight end would be a great weapon for Eli Manning. He likes to take his shots, and Ebron has the kind of size and catch radius to reward risky throws. He has enough speed to stretch the field and will also do enough as a blocker to stay on the field in most packages. Tuitt's stock has dipped some during the evaluation process, but he's a pretty good get at No. 43, and is the kind of versatile player worth adding to a depleted defensive line. I see guard as a need now that Justin Pugh has established he'll be able to stay at tackle, and I'm pretty high on Turner. I'd like to add a wideout, but Ebron's versatility makes up for some of that.

Ebron we have talked about a ton here at Big Blue View. The interesting note here is that defensive tackle Aaron Donald (16th, Dallas Cowboys), OL Zack Martin (17th, Baltimore Ravens) and linebacker Anthony Barr (20th, Arizona Cardinals) were among the players Kiper bypassed to selec Ebron.

Tuitt is ranked 53rd on the Big Blue View Big Board and 29th on the Mocking The Draft Big Board. CBS Sports says Tuitt, 6-foot-6, 304 pounds, has "tantalizing upside."

Turner is a 6-2, 310-pound guard who is the 90th-ranked player on the MTD Big Board. CBS Sports calls him "a powerful drive blocker who can dominate in the phone booth."

Your thoughts, Giants' fans. Would you be happy with this haul?

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