My dream draft

Draft prospects are here, there and everywhere you look with the draft a few weeks away I will take a look at who I like with the 12th pick, and so on and so forth and who will be the pick.

Pick 12:

Who I want: Its obvious, I want Mike Evans, big, strong target who only needs help with the route running, I do not think he will be here however, I have him going in the 7-10 range, but that is the dream scenario.

Who will be the pick: Eric Ebron - TE - North Carolina

The Giants like prospects from either the BIG 10, SEC, or ACC, and what a prospect we could get. Even though he is not the best blocking tight end, he draws comparisons to Vernon Davis. He has also stated he wants to be a Giant, according to BBV. We need a tight end, and Ebron looks like he is it.

Pick 43:

Who I want: Well, if it is a TE first then go with a receiver, or grab a guard/tackle if he is available like Cyrus Kouandjio or Xavier Su'a-Filo. Maybe Kony Ealy if he slips enough would be a solid pick for the second or third (highly doubt he slips to the third)

Who will be the pick: Cody Latimer - WR - Indiana

A Hoosier? Yes Cody Latimer 6'2 215 is a perfect pick at 43. He is quick 4.38 run time at his pro day. He jumped 39 inches while still in pain after foot surgery. Only his route running might be a problem, familiar to Evans with his route running, but if he is here in the second round, the Giants should hop on him immediately, he has potential to be a number 1 receiver.

Pick 74

Who I want: Tre Mason and that is all. Mason is a solid, hard-nosed runner, that would be great as a back-up. I am not sure that Wilson will be back this year or ever better safe than sorry.

Who will be the pick: DaQuan Jones - DT - Penn State

We need some depth at the DT spot and Jones looks like a type of player that I would want 6-4 322 pounds. He would add depth with Jenkins, and Hankins filling the starting spots. If not, Jones, than Kareem Martin out of UNC will be good enough

Pick 113:

Who I would want: A LB, how about either Yawin Smallwood out of UConn, or Christian Jones out of FSU. I do not think that Jones will be on the board, but if he is go for it. There is also Marcus Smith out of Louisville for the defensive end slot in case

Who will be the pick: Yawin Smallwood - LB - UConn

He is very fluid, and plays the LB position well enough for me to warrant using the fourth round pick on him. Beason is getting older, and even though we added Jameel McClain, it cannot hurt to add Smallwood for depth purposes.

Picks 152 + 174

Who I would want: A defensive end, and a running back for insurance. Even though we added Ayers to the team another end will not hurt at all, and a running back in case David Wilson's neck is not fully healed. Storm Johnson/Andre Williams for the running backs.

Who will be the picks: Michael Sam at 152 and Andre Williams at 174

Why would I pick these guys, Sam adds depth, and Coughlin has experienced deflecting the media away, and will just worry about football. Williams to me would add depth at running back, and is a Boston College type of player that will be solid.

Pick: 187

Who I would want: A Center, a decent center for depth on the Oline.

Who will be picked?

Byron Stork - C - FSU

Not much description needed for the pick here just get a Center, and if you are a part of a national championship team, then if I were Reese I would want at least one winner of national championship on the team from this draft.

1. Eric Ebron - TE

2. Cody Latimer - WR

3. DaQuan Jones - DT

4. Yawin Smallwood - LB

5. Michael Sam - DE

5. Andre Williams - RB

6. Byron Stork - C

Hope you all enjoy it let me know what you think of it.

There is also a poll for you guys in case you want to vote

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