Allen Robinson Player Profile

Allen Robinson has been projected as a first rounder to third round draft pick. In this profile, I would like to break down why I believe he has such a 'wide' selection projection. Once again, I'll be using only tape against top tier opposition, with a few films against lower competition to highlight points. First, lets whet your appetite.

Now back to reality: That run came with the score 63-7 Ohio State, and against 2nd teamers and underclassmen.

Allen Robinson is listed at 6' 2&5/8" and 220 lbs. He has nice, long 32" arms and fairly large 9.5" hands.

Screen Game

Robinson is facing Dezmen Southward (projected 3rd day in 2014) in man coverage. He shows good vision, quickness and leg drive, yet his top end speed isn't very good. At the end, he is caught by Southward. His combine 40 yard dash was 4.60 and his film speed confirms he's not a burner.

[GIF against Bradley Roby would not load correctly - Link in New Window]

If you clicked on the link, you will see Roby is in press coverage, which is usually a no-no for a screen pass. However, Robinson pushes him back at the line to create separation, and dashes quickly upfield for a nice gain.

Body Control

Both these clips come against Nebraska's Stanley Jean-Baptiste (projected 2nd day pick in 2014 draft).

a robinson vs sjb on Make A Gif

SJB is in press coverage against Robinson, but doesn't get a hand on him. After an excellent release, Robinson shows great body control as he contorts and spins back to the ball, making the athletic catch along the sideline.

Here, Allen Robinson has SJB beat by about 3 yards but the ball is underthrown. Robinson makes an adjustment and throws his body horizontally to make the catch.

Vertical Leaping

Robinson posted a 39" vertical leap at the combine. Here he displays that vertical against Josh Johnson (UDFA for the SD Chargers in 2013) and against a tall Michigan cornerback. (Channing Stribling - 6'2" Freshman).

Robinson goes up and high points the ball and although it's not a clean catch, he still manages to use his left arm to push the defender to the ground and gain a few extra yards.

a robinson vs michigan on Make A Gif

A perfectly timed jump. Robinson high points and beats the young defender at the end of the Michigan rivalry game.

Mistimed Jumps

If you watch Robinson's game films, you will see a lot of mistimed jumps and poor ball-flight tracking. I noticed this when watching his combine workout as well.

The ball is slightly overthrown and into coverage, but Robinson slows down and turns back too early.

[GIF against Bradley Roby again doesn't work - Link in New Window]

Robinson beats the jam and works down the sideline. You'd like to see him leap straight up and high point this ball, despite the shirt grab. He's too content to lean, he steps out of bounds, and doesn't make the catch. If he would've gone straight up, he probably would (at least) get the pass interference call.


This is the part of Robinson's game which drives me crazy. Too often if the play call is run, he's two hand touching or jogging. If the ball isn't thrown his way he's stopping and watching. In addition, he ran a full route tree in Bill O'Brien's pro-style offense. Yet, his routes are often sloppy and rounded, although he shows great short area burst.

A Robinson miss block on Make A Gif

At the top of the screen, he doesn't even touch the defender. He must know the run is coming to his side, and all he has to do it put a body on the corner. Instead, he lets him run right by him and assist the tackle on the RB.

Working out of the slot, running an out-and-up but he's rounding his cuts. He does a nice job of avoiding the press, selling the head fake, and his burst is on display. However, the route is sloppy and he mistimes his jump again, leading to the pass falling incomplete.


+Good Quickness | -Not Fast, No Long Speed

+Good Vertical | -Catches With Pads Occasionally

+Good Body Control | -Trouble Tracking Ball In-Flight

+Good Release | -Mistimes Jump Occasionally

+Good Size | -Lazy Running Routes Occasionally

+Ran Pro-Offense/Full Route Tree | -Lazy Run Blocking/Stops Playing


I think Robinson is a great athlete who needs to refine parts of his game and needs a position coach who will light his fire. I believe his stock has dropped due to the slow 40 time and his tendency to disappear on film. Some people argue that he was the victim of playing with a Freshman quarterback. In my opinion, there are too many inconsistencies and he has a lot of traits which turn me off to him. He may develop into a nice #2 possession receiver or he may struggle to see the field for his entire career. I don't believe he's pro-ready, and would've been better served to come back for his senior year.

[Side Note: Thanks to everyone for the positive comments on my Jordan Matthews post. It was truly appreciated! If anyone knows a good site to turn youtube videos into GIFs please post it in the comments section. I've been trying to post this for two days and the GIFs are either cutting off, incorrect, or not working all together. Sorry about that.]

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