2014 NFL Draft: Prospect Profile -- Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida


Loucheiz Purifoy is a prospect who is going steadily under the radar despite having one of the largest upsides of any prospect in this year's draft.

The New York Giants are always on the look out for high upside, athletic cornerback prospects. They've been among the league leaders in drafting them high. Look at Jerry Reese's history of CB drafting:

2007 First Round - Aaron Ross

2008 Second Round - Terrell Thomas

2011 First Round - Prince Amukamara

2012 Third Round - Jayron Hosley

Loucheiz Purifoy of Florida is a strange prospect. I had him as a pre-season top 10 talent after showing exceptional upside in 2012. Unfortunately, that did not transition into a great 2013 as I had hoped. He's still one of those very strong talents, however, and let's explore why.


- Such a smooth mover. He glides across the field and can move his body effortlessly.

- Athletic specimen. Is "football fast." Inexplicably ran a 4.61 at the NFL Combine because he plays at a 4.33 speed. Played some offense as well.

- Very physical at the point of the catch. Will fight for every ball.

- Great motor and hustle. Won't dog it on plays.

- Electric special teamer as a gunner and as a return man.

- Good awareness and instincts.

- Good blitzer off the edge.


- Technique is atrocious. He moves so smoothly, but sometimes it looks like he doesn't know how to move. I've seen him turn the wrong way and he sometimes has an awkward backpedal.

- While he's physical against wide receivers, he isn't so against running backs. Run defense is only average.

- Ball skills are average at best. He's dropped a couple picks.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

If they are willing to be patient. His upside is Patrick Peterson-esque. He moves so very well that he could become dominant if he can just put it all together. Do the Giants want to wait for that? My guess is not. He is certainly someone that bears watching, however, because he could very likely make a team quite happy in the next couple of years.

Prospect Video

Loucheiz Purifoy vs Arkansas (2013) (via DCheeseB)

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 66

Mocking The Draft - 98

CBS Sports - 69

Draft Countdown - 43

Draft Tek - 156

Final Thoughts

Purifoy is one of the bigger risks in this year's draft. Back in April/May of 2013, he was touted as the next big college prospect along with Bradley Roby. His upside is as big as anyone's in this draft, but you have to wonder if he'll ever put it all together.

If you think he can, you draft him as early as you want. But you'd better have a contingency plan. I have him ranked 64th on my personal big board, so I would certainly entertain the idea of drafting him in the third, but probably not before then.

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