kevin gilbride interview

'not sure if anybody else is aware but kevin gilbride was on the micheal kay show yesterday around 3 o clock. i was in the car and caught the interview midway.

what i heard might be interesting to you guys since it came straight from the horse's mouth.

he was asked about hakeem nicks. i tuned in midway to the answer.

gilbride basically reminded everyone that hakeem had a broken foot the previous years and he missed ota's and then how when he came back and had the historic day against tampa bay he also strained his MCL.

(so im guessing this wasnt known at the time that hakeem strained his MCL in his 1st game of the year after coming back from the broken foot.

then gilbride said how hakeem ever since that MCL and i quote "never got back the same explosiveness nor the ability to seperate"

next gilbride stated how this year hakeem came in to ota's out of conditioning from his rehab. he said something along the lines of how hakeem didnt put in the work offseason to be prepared and how he felt hakeem was not trusting of his knee so he fell behind on his rehab.

(im guessing this is coach speak for hakeem got lazy/really wasnt confident in his knee which shows why the giants werent confident in him)

the next question he received was regarding his retirement and what exactly happened. he was asked if the reports that tom coughlin was willing to go down with him were true and if it ever got to that point.

gilbride basically said that after the super bowl win he and his wife decided he would go one more year because at the time he was drawing interest for a head coaching job and when it didnt work out he decided this would be his last year and that his retirement was on his mind before the 1st game this year against dallas.

he also said which made me feel even more proud to be a giants fan was that he fully believes that tom coughlin would have fought to the bitter end to keep him.

he also said john mara and jerry reese were effusive with their praise for him and what he had done for the organization which should confirm that there was no bitter exit behind the scenes.

lastly he had a message for giants fans and football fans in general. he was asked if offensive coaches get more blame for bad offense then defensive coordinators do for a bad defense.

he first started by taking a dig at the fans who always seem to think they know which play to call even though he is the one who has to cater to the personnel he has to work with.

also he says that fans are more involved in bashing offenses because its easy to say a run should have been a pass but disecting a defense and saying that the cover 3 should have been a 5 man down etc is outside the scope of a average fan so basically offenses get more heat because we think we know what we see.

my take away from the whole interview was that the giants think hakeem is done, not done as a player in the nfl but no longer able to be who he was at his height. and i think that conviction is reason enough to not have him here.

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