So Many DBs....So Little Time

I'm thinking about Cooper Taylor tonight. I'm worried about where his head is at. I'm worried whether his girlfriend thinks she made the right move in dating him. Because from where I stand, Cooper is out of a job as a safety on the New York Giants. And as one of those developmental prospects who never has that one great game and manages to stay in the NFL (Victor Cruz), no matter how good Cooper Taylor might be - his career could be over.

Seriously. How does the Coop make the team this year. If you look at the new Giants depth chart for the defensive backfield, he sits around #9. Or #10 if you count Demps as a DB - considering he will make the roster as a ST person.

Who carries 10 DBs on their roster? I realize this is the pass happy NFL of now, but that's 50% of your defensive roster and big guys are sometimes required. Coop is #4 on the depth chart of Safeties if the Giants don't count Demps as one. #5 if they do. From a numbers standpoint, Jayron has a better chance at making this team than Cooper does.

Yet...who among us doesn't root for this guy and his potential. Who doesn't want that athleticism to blossom in our D backfield? I for sure do. As Giants fans we identify emotionally with the need to have 3 safeties on the field who can play because our CB play has been so bad the last 2 years. Positionally, it's been like the only bright spot in 2 years of at best utter mediocrity. Last year we knew we sucked. At at least we had good safeties.

But things are different in the Meadowlands now. Now we have an all-planet CB corps. Guys we wouldn't have minded starting for us in 2014 based on their 2013 performance are now relegated to backup status. And our backups are now special teams aspirants.

Eight weeks from now - after the draft, all the miscreants on BBV are going to be putting together our proposed 53 man rosters. We will be hacking off guys we like from the roster because 53 is 53. And if he's a DB, Cooper won't fit. He just won't. We're too worried about our OL/DL depth and SOMEBODY has to play tight end.

I have an idea though.

Cooper...if you aren't there already...get your ass into the weight room. Starting last week when the Giants signed Thurmond and DRC in the same day - you are now a LINEBACKER. You're the O'Brien Schofield who we tried to sign but couldn't get it done. You're the next great WILL in the NFL - beating out Paysinger and JWill for a job at a position neither seems to have been able to win in years of trying. You can shed blocks, make tackles, you're the answer to Witten and you can run down RGIII from behind. Your favorite thing is making 325 pound guys miss as you move in to hammer their QBs. You scare people.

Seriously Cooper, we at BBV are pulling for you. Ask for a new number. Add that 15-17 pounds. Get a weird haircut. I haven't bought an NYG jersey for a long time (OK ever), but if you make it as a linebacker on this team....I'd buy yours.

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