Big Blue View Mailbag, 2/8: Answers to your questions

Chris Snee - USA TODAY Sports

Answering questions from readers, including inquires about Chris Snee and free-agent targets for the Giants.

It is time for a Big Blue View Reader Mailbag. Some of these questions are from Twitter, some from e-mail's to Big Blue View. Throughout the offseason we will try to post one of these every weekend, provided we get questions.

Q: Do you see @Giants getting Brandon Browner? Big corner and the Giants need one. -- @TheSeanOdea

I don't know why Browner is the guy you would mention here. Yes, he is a good player and former Pro Bowler. He is, however, currently suspended for the 2014 season. I can, however, see the Giants looking to upgrade the cornerback position via free agency or at some point in the first three rounds of the draft.

Q: I was thinking about the Chris Snee situation. I know that if the Giants cut him, there will be dead money that will take up cap space. However, if a player retires before the end of the contract, what happens to that dead money? -- Dave Propper

I didn't know the answer to this one, so I turned to former sports agent and current salary cap expert Joel Corry. His answer: "Whether the player gets the money will depend on the specific language of the guarantee. It would still count on the cap as long as he received the money."

Q: If Nicks leaves in free agency, who are some WR that you could see The Giants targeting? -- @sjs0816

Well, that is a very long list. Let's look at the free agents first. I am not a bit Eric Decker guy, so if I'm the GM I'm not getting in a Decker bidding war. Guys like Jeremy Maclin (Eagles), James Jones (Packers), Ted Ginn (Panthers, more as a return specialist) and several others could be attractive for the Giants. I might even kick the tires on former Giant Mario Manningham, provided he is healthy. The draft is reportedly very deep at wide receiver. Mike Evans (Texas A&M), Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU), Kelvin Benjamin (Florida), Marqise Lee (USC) and many more could be of interest. Here are the wide receiver rankings from Mocking The Draft.

Q: Who has the final say just before the #Giants picks on draft day & on FAs? -- Walter Tyrkala Jr.

That would be general manager Jerry Reese. Head coach Tom Coughlin has significant input, as any coach should since he has to coach the players who are acquired, but Reese gets the final call. Reese will rely heavily on the work done by his college and pro scouts, since he can't scout every player all by himself. Between Reese, Coughlin and co-owner John Mara the Giants usually try to come to a consensus, but the final Draft Day decision belongs to the GM.

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