Combine Combine Combine

Couple thoughts as they pertain to the GGGGGGmen. First off I have to say all this weekend did was make me incredibly excited and almost at ease that the Giants will improve via the draft (as will just about every other team). There is just so much depth at literally every position that multiple starters from this draft seems a virtual certainty when picking from the #12 spot. Now, many guys here have been talking about moving back and accumulating picks. While I agree that would be ideal, I have a hard time seeing many teams willing to part with a substantial pick to move up this year. I think Teddy, J-Football and Bortles will be gone 1-11 and Carr is our only shot at a QB hungry team looking to scoop him up (and for me I don't see Carr as a must have guy). For the non-QB needy teams I'm sure they feel holding onto as many picks as possible in this draft is more beneficial than trading up for someone (obviously there are exceptions but I am speaking in generalities). For this reason I will assume the Giants can't move back and are forced to draft #12 in each round. Here we go...

1. Mack/Ebron/Any of the top 3 OL Matthews, Robinson, Lewan

2. Yankey/Shazier/ASJ/Niklas

3. Tripp/Bitoni/Lynch

4. Moncreif/Jeffcoat

5. Pierre-Louis

6. Archer

You will notice LB, TE and interior OL are my main positions of need. What I love is that there are multiple guys that I would be thrilled to pick up at these positions while still improving my areas of need. Mack is the top guy and I grab him no questions asked if he's there. Ebron and an OL are both serious needs and if Mack is gone I think I lean toward the TE. I believe Amaro and ASJ will probably be gone by round 2 and so Ebron becomes more valuable than OL. Plus, Yankey, Steen, Martin and others are all plenty good and would be fine with as my day 1 starter. Also there are TE's that are less skilled but bring things to the table in the later rounds that would be viable replacements.

Assuming C Alex Mack is a priority and signed through FA, I think adding depth at LB is important in the later rounds. I think Tripp had a terrific combine and would be thrilled to scoop up in the 3rd. I wasn't all that impressed with Purifoy which is disappointing. Another curveball and something I would loveeee because I awkwardly love safeties is to grab HaHa in the first round and look at OL/TE/LB in the 2nd/3rd/4th respectively. I thought the combine did nothing but confirm he's the best safety in this draft and although they were very good at safety last year, Rolle is expensive and older, Hill is unreliable, Brown and Taylor have injury history which make almost none of them reliable long term.

Finally I feel CB is important but really only in FA or late round. I think getting a seasoned, reliable veteran is our best course of action and will yield the best results in a quicker time frame. I want to really like Jean-Baptiste, for more reasons than his awesome name, but other than his size nothing about him says wow to me. Still if he is there in the 4th-7th I would be happy to pick him up.

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