Hunter's: Top 7 2014 NFL Draft Sleepers

Hunter's: Top 7 Draft Sleepers
From all the College Football I've watched this season, and all of the game tape and highlights I've seen, I've put together a short list of the top "underrated" players in this years draft. All of these players could fill in a big need for the Giants and easily make the team better as the draft moves into later rounds.

1. Jeremiah Attaochu OLB Georgia Tech
Jeremiah Attaochu has a rare combination of speed and power. His athleticism is nearly unmatched from his position in the draft. This 6'3, 240 pound OLB has recorded 12.5 sacks and got 10 of these sacks in his final 5 games. Any team that drafts Attaochu would be getting a steal in any other round than the first.

Projected Round: 2nd to 4th

2. Kony Ealy DE Missouri
Kony Ealy has been wildly under appreciated this year at Mizzou. The 6'5, 275 pound senior has been on fire his past couple of games tallying 2 big sacks against Oklahoma State to lead Mizzou to a victory in the AT&T Cotton Bowl. For someone with his sheer size he has unbelievable finesse moves along with a lethal combination of power. He would be a steal if he was picked anywhere outside of the Top 20.

Projected Round: 1st to Mid 2nd

3. Jackson Jeffcoat DE Texas
Jackson Jeffcoat has been silently the best Defensive End in the entire FBS. Jeffcoat is the most recent recipient of the Hendricks Award, for the Nations' Best Defensive End. The Senior has 13 sacks on the season including 6 total against Texas Tech, Baylor, and Oregon's stellar offensive lines. Even though he is severely undersized to be a dominant End at only 245 pounds. Through more severe weight training and caloric intake, when Jeffcoat adds more weight he could be one the best Ends in the NFL in a few years.

Projected Round: 2nd to 3rd

4. Demarcus Lawrence OLB Boise State
Another extremely talented edge rusher. At 6'3, 245 this Boise State Junior comes to play every single week. With 10.5 sacks as an OLB/DE mix Lawrence not only knows how to get to the Quarterback, but with 72 total tackles also can stop the run like an NFL Linebacker would need to be able to do.

Projected Round: 3rd to 4th

5. Hakeem Smith S Louisville
Smith has actually played very very well for Louisville this year. The only reason he isn't one of the most talked about Safeties in the NCAA this year is because he has been the "Little Brother" of Louisville Safety Calvin Pryor. However the seasons of both Smith and Pryor have been extremely similar even though for 2015 Pryor is a projected first round draft pick. Both Hakeem Smith and Calvin Pryor have 3 Interceptions this year, and both have roughly the same number of tackles with Smith having 45 and Pryor having just about 10 more. Hakeem Smith with proper coaching and development, could become one of the top Safeties in the NFL in do time.
Projected Round: 4th to 6th

6. Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State
Out of any receiver that I've seen game tape of this year, Brandin Cooks has impressed me the most out of any of those players, including Sammy Watkins, and Marqise Lee. Cooks is only 5'10, 186, however he will always be one of the fastest and most agile players on the field. Cook's fastest time clocked in for the 40 is a 4.36 topping Watkins and Evans by more that a half second. He has an unbelievable 128 receptions for 1730 yards and 16 touchdowns. If Cook's stats don't speak for themselves, watching game tape definitely will, this will be one of the great slot receivers in the NFL.

Projected Round: 2nd-3rd

7. Denicos Allen OLB Michigan State
Allen is the most underrated player on the entire Michigan State defense, and one of the biggest reasons that they are ranked so highly. Even though Allen is undersized at almost 6'0 220, the senior linebacker gets to the ballcarrier. Allen has 98 tackles and 5.5 sacks on the season. For someone that is probably going to go in one of the later picks in the draft, any team would be lucky to have him.

Projected Round: 5th to 7th

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