Warren Sapp roasted for criticisms of Michael Strahan

Warren Sapp - Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Sapp's criticisms of Michael Strahan are not sitting well with many around the NFL. We have some examples.

Warren Sapp and Michael Strahan are sniping at each other like a pair of overgrown children, mostly due to Sapp's hard-to-understand ongoing lack of respect for Strahan as a player, and as a person. The fussing and fighting between the Hall of Famer Sapp and the Hall of Fame candidate Strahan is getting lots of attention during Super Bowl Week, and most of the reaction has been a backlash against Sapp.

Here is former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason during his radio show on WFAN:

"He doesn’t realize when he’s insulting people," Esiason said of Sapp. "He’s insulted me. He’s insulted Michael Strahan now, he’s insulted other players, and he never ever looks in the mirror to realize what his words and how he delivers his words … and the weight that they carry and the sting that comes along with them.

"And quite frankly, I think he’s an embarrassment. He’s an embarrassment to anybody who’s ever played the game of football, because he feels like he’s on an island somewhere by himself. And his unprovoked attack on Michael Strahan is ridiculous."

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who played with Strahan, called the dispute "childish."

"I think the dispute is childish," Tuck said in an appearance on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike" on Wednesday. "And secondly I think Michael’s career speaks for itself. They’ll make the decision off of what Michael did in his career, and getting the opportunity to play with him, I can honestly say I got the opportunity to watch what I feel is one of the best defensive players to ever play the game, one of the best football players ever to play the game. Some of the things I saw him do in the latter stages of his career were truly remarkable. I can’t even fathom what he was doing in years five, six, seven, eight, nine. I got him at the end of his career, and he was still the best football player on the field at that point."

Another former Giant and former Strahan teammate, Amani Toomer, believes Sapp is jealous of Strahan.

"They’ve been going on for a long time," Toomer told the Daily News. "They don’t like each other. I think Warren Sapp is jealous of the fact that Strahan is more than just a football guy. He can go out and do the Kelly and Michael Show. People like him, want to see him. "Warren Sapp, to be brutally honest, is just not a likable guy."

CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel lambasted Sapp.

News story: Warren Sapp has a big mouth, says stupid stuff, insults people because he can. Oh, sorry. That's not news. So that's not a story. And so the earth isn't falling down on Sapp for being a jerk who can't play with the lead, which means he's not going to get any better. Not yet anyway. People like Sapp, people who talk too much and too meanly, they keep screwing up until they go too far. It's just a matter of odds. And sooner or later, your number comes up.

Denver Broncos coach John Fox, defensive coordinator for the Giants for part of Strahan's career, said Thursday he believes Strahan deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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