356's 2014 Mock Draft

Morning . Since my daily college classes have been canceled due to snow, I decided I'd spend my free time creating a mock draft. This is my first fanpost, so please do forgive me if I make any mistakes. Let me know what you think in the comments.

First off, If I was Reese, I'd trade down our 12th first round pick for a late first round pick, and a second round pick. This way the Giants can get more players, and therefore patch more holes. This year's draft is really deep, so the giants need as many picks as possible. Here are my selections.

1st Round = David Yankey - LG - Stanford= We're all in love with Yankey here at BBV. He's a guy who can instantly and seamlessly start at either one of the Guard positions, and he can lock down a starting spot for years. He's the type of overall, consistent player the Giants need. He has all the physical qualities needed to play guard, and his footwork and technique are pretty much perfect. I was watching him throughout the Rose Bowl. He might be considered a reach in the first round, but so was Pugh. We all know how that turned out.

2nd Round= Jackson Jeffcoat - DE - Texas The Giants need to groom Tuck's replacement, and they need depth at DE, especially with JPP's injury history and Moore's inexperience. Jeffcoat can be that player. Jeffcoat has good pass rush moves, he doesn't just bull rush the QB every play, he has multiple pass-rushing moves up his sleeve and has the length and strength to get constant pressure. Against the Run, he can set an edge, muscle his way towards the RB, and collapse the pocket, and he's quick enough to chase down RB's behind the line of scrimmage. He has the perfect blend of athleticism and technique, and he can play all three downs.

2nd Round = James Hurst - RT/RG - North Carolina= Hurst's recent injury makes this pick a risk. But as IXI explained in his mock draft, Hurst is a very good player. He's a great blocker who has good body control and natural lower body explosion. He has good footwork and can work in tight spaces. His leg injury clouds this pick, but I really think the Giants should roll the dice on him. He should be able to recover and return to his high level of play. He can play RT and RG, so if Beatty continues to spiral downwards, Hurst can replace him and Beatty could slide inside.

3rd Round= EJ Gaines - CB - Missouri= Gaines is very aggressive and gritty in coverage, and rarely lets his guy earn a step in coverage. He never lets his receiver break away and get open. I don't think I've ever seen a CB completely cloak WR's like he has. However, there are multiple problems that cause him to drop to the third round. First and foremost, he's a small guy. He's only 5'10. Bigger receivers can make catches over him. But size is overrated when it comes to CB's. Gaines plays much larger than his size. Gaines shut down Mike Evans, who's the biggest receiver in CFB at 6'5. He has good speed and agility, and does a great job of reading offense. Gaines would be a perfect companion to Prince. Other than his size, I can't find a reason not to draft him.

4th Round= Arthur Lynch - TE - Georgia= Traditional smash-mouth TE, arguably the best blocking TE in the Nation. When he's blocking, his footwork and body control are amazing. He can generate push and get his guy away from the play. When it comes to blocking, you really can't get much better than him. He would help the Run game tremendously. He's also a decent option in the passing game. He has the footwork to get open underneath the defense, and his route running is crisp. He's also very good at reading the defense's coverage schemes, and that enables him to get open. However, he isn't insanely athletic. His speed is average, and he's not a big play TE like jimmy graham. He's a quality, reliable traditional TE who can play all three downs. Reminds me a lot of Jason Witten and Michael Bennett.

5th round= Andrew Norwell - RG/LG - Ohio State= Norwell can play any position on the line. He played all of them during his four years at Ohio State. That versatility is very valuable on a offensive line. But he's best suited as a guard. He played mostly at RG in college. He played solidly at Ohio State, especially as a run blocker. He isn't insanely big or athletic, but his technique and footwork is good. He always has good angle when he's blocking. He could potentially fight for a starting spot in a couple years, but he needs some seasoning, as he never really faced any elite defenders at Ohio. At the very least, he's good depth.

6th Round= Jerome Smith - RB - Syracuse= Smith is a heavy, powerful downhill runner who has great leg drive and trucking ability. He isn't very agile or fast, but he's great at getting yards after contact. There is no easy tackle on Smith.His legs are always churning and grinding against defenders to get extra yards. He can be a great short-yardage and goal line back for the Giants. Syracuse also used him as a Pass-Blocker very often, and he excels at that. His chip blocking is a thing of beauty. He's like a cross between Brandon Jacobs and Alfred Morris.

7th Round= Denicos Allen - OLB - Michigan State= The Giants might get a Comp. Pick in the 7th round or the 5th round, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that they'll get one in the 7th round. I was watching Allen in the Rose Bowl a lot. He was pretty impressive. He's a do-it-all linebacker, he can blitz off the edge, and registered six sacks in 2013. He's good against the run, he has good instincts and can shed blocks and make plays. He had 14 tackles for a loss in 2013. But the reason I'm drafting him is because of one thing, his pass covering ability. He's fast for a linebacker, very agile, has fluid hips, and has good instincts against the pass. He consistently shut down opposing TE's and RB's in the passing game. In a increasingly passing-oriented league, it's nessecary to have good pass-covering LB's. Allen is a complete linebacker, he can play all three downs. But of course, there's a reason he drops to the seventh round. His size. He's 5'11 and 217 Pounds. That's very small for a NFL linebacker. The concern is that he won't be able to shed blocks. But that didn't seem to affect him at all in college. He plays much bigger than his size, and he's a hard hitter. Great value in the seventh round.

Please post your thoughts below!

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