356's 2014 Mock Draft Picks 1-12

1. Texans - Derek Carr- QB= The Texans need a QB. Plain and Simple. I think Bridgewater is overrated. So I'll go with Carr, who I think is a better pure pocket passer.He has great technique and footwork, and he can read the defense well. He has a crisp spiral and can also throw the deep bomb.

2. Rams- Sammy Watkins - WR=The Rams still believe in Sam Bradford, and i think he can be a Good QB. He just needs weapons. The Rams have quietly built one of the League's best overall defenses. And Zac Stacy looks like a future star. All they need are weapons in the passing game. Sammy Watkins can be that weapon.If he can play up to his potential, the Rams could be a serious sleeper team.

3. Jaguars- Teddy Bridgewater - QB= The Jaguars have so many holes. But QB is the biggest hole. Bridgewater is overrated, but he's still a good QB. I can't see the Jaguars passing on him.

4. Browns - Johnny Manziel - QB= The Browns have already expressed serious interest in Johnny Football, and Cleveland needs some excitement. Manziel would have weapons in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. He's a great pick for the Browns.

5. Raiders - Blake Bortles - QB= I think Bortles COULD be a great NFL QB. He has the size, smarts, and great accuracy on short- to intermediate throws. He's also a threat on the ground. The Raiders need someone like that. Pryor isn't the answer.

6. Falcons - Jadeveon Clowney - DE= The Falcons need a pass-rush. They were horrid in that aspect last year. Clowney is just a freak of nature. He's arguably the best overall prospect in this year's draft. He would instantly upgrade the Falcon's defense.

7.Buccaneers- Kahlil Mack - DE/OLB = The Bucs have found their QB in Mike Glennon. Doug Martin will be coming back. Vincent Jackson is still a threat. They're set on Offense. They just need a play-maker on defense. Lovie Smith would love to have Mack. He's explosive agaisnt the Pass, and can make plays against the Run.

8. Vikings- David Fales - QB= The Vikings have weapons at WR and TE, and they have Peterson. They just need a QB who can glue that offense together. David Fales can be that uniting QB. He' pretty underrated. But he has a strong arm, good footwork in the pocket, and the skills to read defenses. He needs some polishing when it comes to technique, but he's still a very good prospect.

9. Bills- Jake Matthews - RT= Matthews is the best overall player in this draft. He falls to the 9th pick due to QB needy teams. Anyways, Matthews is the safest pick in the draft. He's plug and play. The Bills need to do a better job of Protecting Manuel. Matthews would help with that.

10. Lions- Darqueze Dennard - CB= The lazy choice would be Mike Evans. But the Lions desperately need help in the secondary. Dennard is a shutdown CB who cloaks opposing WR's. That's what the Lions need.They already have a talented front 7. Dennard would give them more time to get to the passer.

11. Titans- CJ Mosely - LB= The Titans need a young leader on the defense, and no one is a better leader than C.J. Mosely. The Crimson Tide 'backer is one of the most versatile defenders in college, and he should never miss a snap. He would help the Titans tremendously.

12. Here we are. The Pick You've all been waiting for. Quite honestly, I have no idea who the Giants should draft. There's so many intriguing prospects that could help this team return to the playoffs. The Defense could use a play maker at OLB. Anthony Barr would be nice. The Offense could use a big WR to help Eli. Mike Evans would be nice. McAdoo needs a playmaker at TE for his new offense. Eric Ebron would be awesome. The Offensive Line desperately needs some help. Any Offensive lineman picked at 12 would be a huge help. So I'll just leave it up to you guys.

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