Survival Football Playoff Edition

Congratulations to the remaining players of the 3rd Annual Survival Football game. This is the first time we've had people complete an entire season and because there is more than 1 person left we now will proceed to the Playoff edition.

Before we lay down the rules for playoff edition I want to congratulate our 3 survivors:

Troy 0 - OhGiantsman - Telcochik1

Survival Football Playoff rules:

Your picks have been reset from the season with a clean slate.

You only get One strike and you are eliminated from the game – there are no bye passes! You can only choose a team once just like before only this time you could actually run out of teams to pick should 2 teams you pick early both make it to the Superbowl – you will have no way to pick a winning team. -This rule is very important so please understand as most people freak out when they read this rule... In an easier game you would assume once you make it to the SuperBowl your picks should reset just like they were reset during the playoffs - but this is my version of this awesome game, and the way to survive the playoffs is to map out your picks from playoffs to superbowl (perhaps making your own bracket system) and believing in it. My style forces you to make picks on teams good enough to win in the playoffs but not good enough to win the Super bowl..and that my friend is very tricky but still possible.

During the playoffs if the remaining players are all wrong everyone remaining lives to pick again.

Last player remaining is our Champion or if multiple players reach the Superbowl and are all right or all wrong in their pick.

Choose 1 winning team - Good luck! Anyone can join and play as an honorary player for fun but for the title of Champion that will only go to one of the 3 players above who have survived the entire year.

Wildcard Playoff

Chiefs @ Colts

Saints @ Eagles

Chargers @ Bengals

49es @ Packers

Survivors WildCard Week Division Week Conference Week Super Bowl
Troy 0
Honorary Players
Just J Bengals
j -man Colts

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