Calmer Tom Coughlin calls turnovers 'correctable'

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Coughlin talks turnovers, tries to move forward during Monday press conference.

Tom Coughlin was, justifiably, irritable Sunday night following the New York Giants' turnover-filled 36-31 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

Monday, during his meeting with reporters, his remarks appeared much more subdued.

"I said pretty much what I have to say about this last night. I don't really have anything new to add. I did tell our team that I thought that what had occurred was correctable and that we could make those adjustments, those corrections, and move forward and be a better team. Certainly better than what we displayed last night," Coughlin said of the six turnovers his team committed. "So I think enough has been said by me about the turnovers. The turnovers are, in my opinion, bad football. That's all it is. We've had those issues before. We've worked hard to correct them. We'll do the same thing here."

Coughlin was, of course, asked several questions about running back David Wilson, whose two fumbles were a big part of the reason the Giants lost to the Cowboys.

"David Wilson is a very talented young man that we need on our football team to be productive and we've been down this road before," Coughlin said. "We think we can have an impact on him being a better ball carrier, a better secure ball carrier. We'll get that done.

"I think we did preach so much about them being ball strippers and somehow, someway that didn't sink in. He had the ball stripped twice and he'll learn from it. He's got great pride and we'll try to get this under control."

Will Wilson start Sunday vs. the Denver Broncos? All Coughlin would say on that subject is "we'll see what happens."

Part of what could, and likely will, happen is that the Giants bring in a veteran running back this week to add to Wilson and Da'Rel Scott. They are scheduled to work out a group on Tuesday that includes Willis McGahee and Brandon Jacobs.

"We will take a look at the players that are assigned to come in tomorrow and see if there, in fact, is an upgrade and go from there," Coughlin said. You're always searching to see if you can improve and where you can improve."

Here are a few of the other topics Coughlin addressed Monday.

On Jerry Jones' accusation that Giants' defenders faked injuries:

"it's absolutely not true. It's not true. Both of those payers were injured. Connor never returned to the game. Cullen was in a position where he needed to regroup. That really wasn't orchestrated at all."

On Prince Amukamara, who sustained a concussion Sunday night.

"I know he's feeling better. He felt pretty good last night, to be honest with you. He didn't seem to have any repercussions, but he does need to go through the protocol."

On the play of first-time starters Justin Pugh and James Brewer:

"I figured the question would come down to Pugh and Brewer. I think it was a great experience for both of those guys by the way. Tremendous experience for them. It's got to help their confidence; they see themselves in a game of that magnitude, in front of a crowd like that on Sunday night television. Quite frankly, there's some good and some bad, just like there always is when a young player has an opportunity like that. There are some things we can build on as well."

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