Return of the Phoenix.....

For those that don't remember, I wrote a little piece about Eli a couple of years ago:" target="new"

It remains the only post I have ever written (until now), and I believe Easy E has remedied any doubt. I showed my support in Indy. I ate shrimp and steak at St. Elmos, I rolled with blue, and as that pass flitted away in the far end zone, I rejoiced with my brethren in section SIX ONE ZERO. That being said, I have made a conscientious decision to join you all, on at least a weekly basis, to discuss our shared passion. Here is my first go at it…

As I lay in wait, the anticipation is almost unbearable. My trampled passion, which took its last breath on August 26th (when the toast of NY showed his mortality), has risen to its knees, threatening to make its feet. At this point, it is beyond recognition, twisted, broken and sad, but I feel no pity. Like the Phoenix, its revival is certain. It wasn’t always so, but has been a constant since year ONE, A.E. (After Eli).

The caterpillars, long disintegrated into the lining of my stomach, have morphed into butterflies and are working out of their cocoons. Here they will remain for winter’s duration, dormant most days, but sure to rage as each week’s end arrives. They remind me that I am alive.

I have the optimism of a 10 year old as he pushes out of the schoolhouse door, squinting in the June sun, freedom at his feet. Still, I try to avoid speculation. I try to remain calm. I can’t allow myself to get sucked in, I can’t fall victim to the blabber of fools. Those who would doubt our Giants, those who never fail to point out each and every flaw, even as we approach perfection. I will not listen.

Yes, our Offensive Line is in shambles, the protection of our savior is in doubt. But have faith in Jerry Reese. Have faith in Justin Pugh. Remind yourself that Baas was often the victim of fly by pressures, and that the bar was never really that high at Center (miss you Sean). Don’t forget the blown assignments on the right side of our line. Let’s see what these kids can do.

I know we lost Mr. Brown, but I ask you, did you know who Stevie was prior to 2012? You can boast of your ability to identify potential, you the grandest of prognosticators, the seer of seers…but nobody saw that coming. I am confident that the personnel in place will hold their own. Rest assured that the Prince will be crowned King, the freshly Captained Rolle will roll, and keep this in mind: Mr. Mundy studied under the best in the business, and short of letting his hair down, he filled the Polamalu gap. Watch the tape. He made the plays. He consistently showed his steel as he strengthened the fabric of that Pittsburgh curtain.

Believe that this is the year that Hakeem holds up, that Ruben performs as those who know say he will. Believe that the end zones of the NFL will once again resemble the dance floor of the Copa, allowing ample room for Victor to pay homage.

JPP is better. DaMonster has arrived. Tuck is quiet, which somehow seems right. And let’s not forget, "The butts are bigger." We have a tight end that can catch, a running back that can run, and a leader that will not let up. Coach Coughlin will have our boys ready, come what may.

So be at ease. Don’t listen to the nonbelievers. Allow your passion to breathe new life; let it rise to its feet, once again. And remember, with #10 behind center, its okay to dream. It’s okay to revisit the summers of your youth, to feed those butterflies one more time.



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