New York Giants' news, 9/28: Giants expect hostile environment

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' headlines for Saturday, 9/28.

The New York Giants will likely field an inexperienced offensive line vs. the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, one of the NFL's loudest venues.

"The fans are right on you, but it's a good environment," Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said. "It's a loud, boisterous NFL community and it will be a good experience for us. There will be some issues, obviously, with the goal line and that part of the field. Hopefully, we won't have issues hearing, but I'm sure we will."

Guard Kevin Boothe said the Giants "know what we're getting into" and added -- maybe somewhat hopefully with the reshuffled, inexperienced line -- that "communication shouldn't be a problem."

Mundy: Time to 'start stacking some wins'

Giants' safety Ryan Mundy was direct this week in speaking about the importance of Sunday's game to the Giants.

"We have to come together and play for your brother. Sell out to win, leave it all on the field because right now, this is a must-win. Let’s make no mistake about it. We need this game. We need to get back on track and start stacking some wins."

Amukamara: Turnovers a key

Prince Amukamara says despite the fact that the Chiefs have not turned the ball over this season the Giants could get some opportunities for takeaways on Sunday.

"He (Chiefs QB Alex Smith) threw some balls right to some guys, but they just didn't catch them. We just have to capitalize. If we have those opportunities, we need to catch the ball. If the ball is on the turf, we need to recover the ball," Amukamara said. "We've had some opportunities in the past three games when the ball was on the turf, but we didn't recover it. We just need to start capitalizing on those opportunities."

Around the Inter-Google

When you are 0-3 it means you probably haven't had the lead very often. The Wall Street Journal says playing from behind is part of the problem for the Giants' offense.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton used to work for New York Jets' coach Rex Ryan.

You want scouting reports? Well, we gave you ours on Friday. Here is one from the Kansas City Star and another from

The Chiefs were 2-14 last season and now, with largely the same roster except at quarterback, they are 3-0. credits Andy Reid.

Coughlin told's Michael Eisen that "there's no button" to push that will magically turn the season around.

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