New York Giants say Hakeem Nicks' comments overblown

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

After Hakeem Nicks complains about offensive role, teammates, coach give some context.

Following the New York Giants lopsided loss to the Carolina Panthers Sunday, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks vocalized his disappointment with the offense.

Nicks made the comment "I can't throw (the ball) to myself," leading many to believe Nicks was unhappy.

Whether it's because the Giants fell to 0-3 or because Nicks went without in a contract season remains unknown, but in the clubhouse Nicks' comments were taken out of context.

"It was definitely was (taken out of context), but you know that's expected," Nicks said. "At a time like this in the season, it's expected. As long as I know me and my quarterback and me and my team are on the same page, it's all good."

After posting a doughnut in the box score against Carolina, Nicks has tallied nine receptions for 197 yards and zero trips to the end zone on the season. But it wasn't just Nicks who failed to put up good numbers Week 3.

The Giants offense were unable to get anything going. Obviously the team was shut out, but as a unit the offense totaled 10 first downs, went 3-12 on third down, had 150 total yards and allowed Eli Manning to get knocked on his backside seven times.

Earlier this week, Manning said he could sympathize with Nicks' post-game feelings, explaining it's frustrating when there aren't a lot of opportunities to make plays. But Manning said there's no reason to believe there is any riff between the quarterback and the receiver.

"We just kind of looked at each other and said, 'Hey, we don't have to talk about this right?'" Manning said. "Hakeem's one of my great friends and I understand he wasn't say anything. I never thought he was saying anything at me or making any jabs. That's Hakeem and he's good, and we'll get back on track this week."

The issue has been a thorn in the side of coach Tom Coughlin all week. When asked about it Monday, Coughlin told reporters he would speak to his wide receiver, but that Nicks' comment was "not a smart thing to say"considering the putrid display of offense in Carolina.

Coughlin never had a great talk with Nicks on the matter, but did get a chance to exchange some words. Afterwards, the head coach agreed with Manning and Nicks in that the comments were taken out of context.

"Writers who were present and one of the people that was in Carolina -- they think a little bit has gotten a little out of proportion, that he didn't mean it that way or intend it that way," Coughlin said. "I know that it doesn't matter. It's what you say, but there's some evidence to say that he was trying to be humble and understanding and realizing he didn't make a contribution."

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