BBV Pick'em Week 4 (UPDATED)

Hi guys. Apologies for not getting this up sooner, I've had a lot of stuff on my hands lately. I'll add up the wins in a bit, I thought I'd just get the games up and out here so people have as much time to get in their picks as possible, especially with the stupid TNF games.

***Updated with results****

Well as good as last week was overall, that's how bad this week was. Most of us were lucky if we got to .500. Yours truly had an abysmal day.

22 Contestants this week

12-4 Rocky T (1)

10-6: BleedBigBlue*, long time listener, Troy O (3)

9-7: brisulph, Drizzzy, Giants_fan4life, Invictus XI, j-man, Rorschach44 (6)

8-8: Amsterdam Admirals, daddyzander, Flynner, wangstu13, Weedhopper (5)

7-9: metsgiants3380, Pierre-Paul & Marry, sejo28, telcochik1, Turn and Coughlin (5)

6-10: Giantstep, Willgfass (2)

*You wrote that you were 9-7, but I counted 10 wins for you. On the honor system here, if you could count again for me and tell me what you got.

Invictus XI and Flynner were the only people to pick the Colts over the 49ers, a golf clap for him. Very few people chose the Dolphins over the Falcons, same with the Jets over the Bills.

As always, check your picks from last week.


33: Rocky T

32: Brisulph, Troy O

31: j-man, Rorschach44

30: Daddyzander, Drizzzy, wangstu13, Weedhopper

29: Amsterdam Admirals, BleedBigBlue , long time listener

28: sejo28, Flynner, Willgfass

27: metsgiants3380, Pierre-Paul & Marry, telcochik1

26: Giants_fan4life, Invictus XI

25: Giantstep

21: Turn and Coughlin*

19: araven11575**

18: H1tTh3R1v3R**

*Indicates you received 6 points from missing week 1 and 8 points from missing week 2.
**Indicates missed Week 3. You would get 5 points for this week if you continue.

Randle's Reuben on Rye, TNYFBG, BrooklynNets8, and NYG_UK, you have now missed two weeks. I'll still give you guys the worst minus 1 for the missed two weeks,but any more misses will be pushing it.

This Week's Picks

49ers at Rams (TNF)

Ravens at Bills:

Cardinals at Buccaneers

Steelers at Vikings

Giants at Chiefs

Colts at Jaguars

Seahawks at Texans

Bengals at Browns

Bears at Lions

Jets at Titans

Redskins at Raiders

Eagles at Broncos

Cowboys at Chargers

Patriots at Falcons (SNF)

Dolphins at Saints (MNF)

Good luck everyone

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