What do the Giants need to do!?

Hey everyone I'm not gonna blow anyone away breaking down the Giants and going to keep it Simple.

Exactly what I believe may stark this team back into form. Simplicity!!

We all know this is a procession offense. Designed for WR to read the defense and find the openings. Problem with this is it takes time, and Eli is barely getting 3 seconds in an offense that requires at least that for the Receiver to find their opening and Eli needs a second to recognize it and deliver the ball. If he had 3.5-4 seconds we wouldn't have anything to talk about other then how many more TD's will Eli throw this week, but that's not the case. I didn't stop watch it or log every pass play over the last 3 weeks. When I did time it Eli get's 3+ seconds about 1 in 10 plays.

Now Eli in the past has covered for his offensive line with quick passes , slight movements and so on. In the past we had a hole in the O-line here and there. This year the O-line is just one Big Black Hole. So what can be done?

3 things come to mind. First stop trying to run!! I know The Giants want to be balanced. I also want to be 6'5" 277 lbs playing for an NFL team. Guess what I'm not. I'm 5'8" and 163 lbs I wok a full-time job and run a profitable website in my spare time (I skipping working on it as we speak) to make ends meet and keep my family living comfortably. My point is I've adapted to my ability. The Giants are not winning up front. Stop trying to run the ball like you are!!

Second quick passes. Stop trying to hit the Home-run every set of downs. KG has been running the same playbook since 2006 and every fan, player and defensive coordinator know it by heart. Most of us know the series of plays he will run in any given situation. We need a play book with 3 step drops and 3-5 yard routes. If reads 1 and 2 aren't open check down. This is how you bring the defense up when you can't run. Do this often in a run formation. Teams expect the Giants to run keep them thinking we will. Once they start cheating up, then try to hit the big play or screen (Learn to run a damn screen!!!)

Third don't run the damn Shotgun Draw unless there are 5 guys in the box. So yes don't run the draw.

Fact is This offense need to adapt to the Talent they have. The Giants offense line isn't going to get better overnight. These Coaches need to put players in position to make plays and they just aren't doing that.

Rip this apart or add what you like. I'll still disgusted but I still have hope!

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