IXI's Top 30 NYG Draft Prospects

I've been working on this for awhile as a sort of "who's who" in the college ranks so that the BBV faithful can keep an eye out for during the college season. Just so happens that this list might be a lot more relevant now after that Panther's game.

I've tailored this list to be NYGcentric. That means no QBs, no RBs. The rank is in the order of talent as per my opinion and I definitely reserve the right to change that opinion. It is NOT necessarily the order in which I'd take the player for the team. I value some positions higher than others, but that does not factor in this ranking.


1) Jadaveon Clowney, DE SCAR...Fairly obvious. Not on to the strongest start of the season, but he is being specifically gameplanned for. Best conversion of speed to power I've ever seen from a college player. First step and lateral agility is off the charts. One concern I have is NFL IQ. Bites on fakes and doesn't set the edge particularly well.

2) Anthony Barr, OLB/DE UCLA...Y'all aren't going to be happy with me when I list two passrushers as the top two talents in this draft, but Barr has been NFL ready since last year. Has not been quite as dominant as he was last year, where he recorded 13 sacks. Barr is a smooth, speedy player not unlike Barkevious Mingo last year.

3) Jake Matthews, OT TAMU...He hasn't been as good as Luke Joeckel has for them, but he's close. Struggled a bit against Alabama, it seems like power rushers can knock him back. However, he's still got so much raw talent that I think he deserves this spot.

4) Sammy Watkins, WR CLEM...Far and away my favorite WR in this draft, especially with Marquise Lee being injured, Watkins reminds me of a more talented Roddy White. Great body control, smooth route runner with deceptive speed. Dude is just exciting to watch.

5) Taylor Lewan, OT MICH...Has done quite well this year, only real player that's beaten him the last two years has been Jadaveon Clowney. He's an adequate pass blocker and a good run blocker. Some have said that he lets defenders into his body as a criticism, but I don't see it too much.

6) Louis Nix III, DT ND...Not nearly the impact that he had last season, Nix is still a disruptive force inside. In some ways, his combination of 1st step and size makes him comparable to Jonathan Hankins. Nix is an upgrade on that front in terms of pure movement skills and motor, however.

7) Loucheiz Purifoy, CB FLOR...Might be a bit of a shocker, but I think Purifoy is a baby Patrick Peterson. Unbelievable athleticism makes his upside off the charts. 6'1 190 lbs that can run fast. Real fast. Superstar on Special Teams and has recently started playing offense too. Coverage skills have been strong. Fits all Reese criteria, so watch for him to be a legitimate NYG prospect.


8) C.J Mosley, OLB ALA...More or less everything you need in a 43 LB prospect. Hard hitter, sideline to sideline range, aggressive and intelligent. Even though he's built up to be an athlete, I still question his closing speed a little bit and as a spy vs Johnny Manziel, he was left with quite a few "almost" plays. Also some concerns that he's looked good due to 'Bama's scheme and the players in front of him.

9) Marquise Lee, WR USC....Lee was dominant last year. He's a speed demon that can defeat you in a multitude of ways. YAC monster and superb start-stop ability. Think Cordarrelle Patterson, but faster and more polished.

10) Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, TE WASH....Matchup nightmare. Upside is Gronk. Big, fast, ball skills, high points well, and can succeed as an in-line blocker. Better than Tyler Eifert, and why I have him as a top 10 talent.

11) Dominique Easley, DT/DE FLOR....Has had an incredible year, and he's a pass rushing nightmare. His obvious comparison is to Sheldon Richardson and Fletcher Cox. I put him at Cox's level, not quite Richardson. He's got the great first step, but I don't see the same motor or the lower body power. That being said, he's been abusing fools inside, so he could go higher.

12) Antonio Richardson, OT TENN...Monstrous. 6'6 327 lbs. Lots of similarities to Lane Johnson. Raw, but upside again off the charts. He's powerful and moves well. Technique an issue, and though I haven't seen it yet, tackles his size tend to overreach, and so that'll be something I would look for.

13) HaHa Clinton-Dix, S ALA...Clinton-Dix in one word is 'explosive.' Superior range and a very, very hard hitter. I can compare him favorably to Eric Reid. He has had an on and off season thus far, but as far as his fit with the NYG, I think he's one of those guys that can take over successfully for Antrel Rolle.

14) Khalil Mack, OLB BUFF...Everybody knows his name after he 'Mack-Trucked' OSU, but he did nothing against Baylor's high powered offense. However, he's got prototype size at 6'3 250lbs and is just a straight up game-changer with his pass rushing capability from the LB position. I want to see more consistency from him.

15) Marcus Roberson, CB FLOR....The counterpart to Purifoy in the Florida secondary, Roberson is the more polished of the two. He tracks the ball better than Purifoy does, as shown by his 12 PBUs last year. He is a solid 6'0 195 lbs.

16) Bradley Roby, CB OSU....Roby was poised to be the de-facto top CB in the nation this year, but it hasn't happened. I've seen him struggle in transition, which is kind of weird because he had incredibly fluid hips last season. Still, he's a top prospect and is poised to come back and reacquire his mojo.

17) Kyle Van Noy, OLB BYU...Admittedly I haven't personally seen Van Noy play this year. However, I saw plenty of him when scouting Ziggy Ansah, and there were plenty of times where Van Noy was the better player. He's fast and instinctive and that bend is amazing. He reminds me of Kamerion Wimbley.


18) Mike Evans, WR TAMU....Everybody saw what he did to Alabama. He was uncoverable. The popular comparison is Vincent Jackson and after watching him, its a pretty accurate one. Uses his 6'5 frame to his advantage and doesn't get bullied on his routes. Fantastic hands as well.

19) A.J Johnson, ILB TENN....He was a tackling machine last year and could be the answer the Giants need inside. Another guy with the ability to go sideline to sideline as an impact presence against the run. Most have said he's a smart player and the unquestioned leader of the defense, so that bodes well.

20) Will Sutton, DE/DT ASU...Extremely violent hands and a good burst off the snap. Another 3 technique that could move over to DE. He's a Derek Wolfe type, and he's underrated in the run game. However, he hasn't been consistent, which is beginning to seem like a theme with this draft class.

21) Cyrus Kouandijo, OT ALA...At one point before this preseason started, I was slating Kouandijo all the way up to #2. He had all the makings of a superstar OT, picture perfect footwork, great body control, natural bender. Seemed like a shoe-in for a top 10 pick. He's struggled heavily in the early going, getting beaten by speed rushers on the edge. That's why he falls down here.

22) Ryan Shazier, OLB OSU... Shazier looks like a whirlwind coming off the snap. Backwards, forwards, and side to side, he's clearly one of the most athletic guys on the field. Very instinctive against the run and a great blitzer as well. Has concerns with his pass coverage from time to time, he gets turned around and sometimes is late closing in. Also needs to bulk up a little bit, he's a bit too light at 225 lbs for my liking. Reminds me of Lavonte David.


23) James Hurst, OT UNC...Very strong at the POA, rarely seen him get moved back on a bullrush. Tall player at 6'7 305 lbs, he held off Clowney this year and has yet to really have a bad game. Good, not great agility but he's shown that he can be successful. Some believe he's the 2nd or 3rd best OT in this draft, so I'm going to keep a closer eye on him and don't be surprised if he moves up as the season goes on.

25) Aaron Colvin, CB OKLA....A long, aggressive corner, Colvin has the ability to play both S and CB. He struggles in transition and can't change direction very well, but coming up he's a nasty proposition for anybody. His long arms are a big advantage and I can't help but think that he can be a successful press corner.

26) Cyril Richardson, OG BAY...The consensus #1 OG in a draft that doesn't have very many good guards. Richardson is a big mauler that moves very well. I'd rank him below Cooper, Warmack, and DeCastro, but he's in that Kevin Zeitler class and he'll be a very strong, 2-way player that can pass protect and blow up some holes in the run game.

27) Stephon Tuitt, DE ND....Tuitt is a big name, but I'm not sold on him. He had a breakout year last year, but he seems to have been slower this season and I see him just running into the OT as opposed to beating him quite a bit. I need to see more of a burst from him, who is over 300 lbs at this point.


28) Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB ORE...He may be a much better prospect than his athleticism might say. Doesn't seem overly fast, and he's a meager 5'10 185 lbs. But in 2012 he had 20...TWENTY pass break ups to go along with 4 picks. He just has exquisite body control and great turn of direction. He could project to be one of the best nickel corners in the league in one or two years. That could be attractive to the Giants who have been searching for one for quite some time.

29) Anthony Johnson, DT LSU....Seems like LSU just churns out NFL ready DL like Bennie Logan, Michael Brockers, Sam Montgomery, Glenn Dorsey and Barkevious Mingo. He's another speed to power converter that bears watching this season. Can play either technique, though his speed would lend him as another 3 technique.

30) Jason Verrett, CB TCU....Quite a few good DBs in this year's draft and Jason Verrett is another name that bears mentioning. 6 INTs last year and an aggressive, fast demeanor, he's one of the most intelligent corners in this year's draft. He's small at 5'10 178 lbs, but plays much bigger.

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