New York Giants' news, 9/13: Connor did not expect IR

Henry Hynoski - Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 9/13.

Linebacker Dan Connor had to be surprised on Thursday when the New York Giants placed him on IR because of his second neck burner in as many games. Before being informed of the decision, Connor told Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger that he was "not too concerned" about the injury.

"I’ve had this in the past, and you get over it. I know when I get out and play, it doesn’t change how I play. If nothing’s wrong we’ll go from there, but it’s just tough watching practice, watching the games," Connor said.

The veteran middle linebacker will now be watching for the rest of the season.

Here are some other stories making news around the Giants this morning.

Henry Hynoski Shaking Off The Rust

Giants' fullback Henry Hynoski uncharacteristically missed several blocks Sunday vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Thursday, Hynoski admitted being rusty in his return to action after missing the entire preseason due to knee surgery.

"You can’t simulate the speed of the game in practice by all means. The first quarter felt a little rusty and going into the second quarter I felt like I was starting to play my type of ball again, playing like I know how and making sure that I had some good blocks, good pass protections. That’s natural for that to happen," Hynoski said. "It felt good to be out there, to be out there with my teammates and I definitely thought as the game went on that I was improving. I'm excited to continue my progress."

Gilbride Offers No Hints At RB Rotation

Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is not tipping his hand when it comes to how the Giants will use running backs David Wilson, Da'Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs on Sunday.

"We’re going to play everybody.  I know you guys like to know who’s starting and not, but I haven’t put together the openers yet, so I don’t know who’s going to be in there because I don’t know what the opening plays are. Once we decide what plays we’re going to run, then whoever we think is best capable of running that play is the guy that will be in there."

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